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04 Jan Buy Saffron
meysam 0 317
Today, the whole world is familiar with saffron and its properties. Saffron, or in other words, red gold, is an expensive spice. Undoubtedly, This has many applications in various industries and personal and daily uses. Iran produces most of the world's saffron and the Khorasan province. Honestly, Iranian saffron has a much higher quality than othe..
02 Aug Saffron price
meysam 0 13113
How much is the saffron price?The price depends on the type, saffron grade (quality), origin, and delivery cost. The highest price belongs to the Super Negin type of Persian saffron, grade 1. The price of this saffron is around 9 Euro per Gram in Europe. Clearly, for wholesale (minimum 100 grams), it is much lower.Why is saffron so costly?Many Item..
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