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Delivery Information

Anything that you need to know about the delivery!

There are many differences between online shopping and in-store shopping. These issues start in the first step of shopping when you decide to order. In the beginning, you like to see what product exactly will you receive.  Thanks to high-quality cameras and visual features of new online shops, you are able to evaluate the targeted product from different points of view. you can check product images, prices, descriptions, payment options, and other details with a few clicks.

Next, you need to know the details of delivery. In fact, delivery issues are the most important part and foremost difference between online and in-store shopping. When will I get my order? How much cost the delivery process? Where are my orders shipped from?

On this page, we try our best to answer these questions and make everything clear. 
Hope it would be helpful to enjoy online shopping more!

When will I get my order?

Depending on your location, generally, it takes 5-7 working days from the time of order finalization. It means when you finalize the order and pass the payment process, you will get the product 5-7 working days later.

Holding products for customs clearance in the destination country is not included in this period. Because it depends on the destination country's rules and regulations. In most countries, this process takes a few minutes or hours. But in a few countries, it takes more.

How much cost the delivery process?

Most people think that the delivery fee is an extra cost in contrast with in-store shopping. In our opinion, delivery cost for in-store shopping is hidden in wasted time and commuting. 

Meanwhile, we try to minimize it to make online shopping more enjoyable. Generally, we consider 29.9 euros as the worldwide delivery fee. But, you could decrease it to zero and save money with the free shipping option. How? let see.

How to use the free shipping service?

As you can see on our product menu, we offer a large variety of Persian products. From the food category with sub-categories of saffron, barberries, pistachios, powders, and herbal infusions, ... to the handicraft category with sub-categories of Carpets, rugs, and kilims Ceramics  Embroidery and Handmade Cloths Ghalamzani Give Khatamkari Minakari Pottery Turquoise,...

By viewing these categories, sub-categories, and products you can always find something lovely and reach a total order of 150 euros. By reaching this amount the shipping cost will remove and a free shipping option would be available for you. nice and easy! Right?

Where are my orders shipped from?

All of our products from food to handicrafts originated in Persian lands. And, we send them directly from Iran (Persia). In some cases, we send products in bulk to our offices in Italy and Germany. We store them there and send your order from these offices. In any case, direct or indirect, your products come from mainland, Persia

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