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Handicraft Gifts

Welcome to our Persian Handicraft Gifts category, where we celebrate the rich artistic traditions and cultural heritage of Persia. At Saffronir Co., we have meticulously curated a collection of exquisite handicraft gifts, each showcasing the intricate craftsmanship and artistic beauty of Persian artisans. Whether you are seeking a unique gift or a cultural souvenir, our handpicked selection promises to captivate and inspire.

Khatamkari Handicraft Gifts: Discover the enchanting artistry of Khatamkari, a traditional Persian marquetry technique. Our Khatamkari handicraft gifts feature intricate geometric patterns meticulously crafted from delicate pieces of wood, brass, and other materials. Each piece is a testament to the skill and precision of Persian artisans, combining vibrant colors and intricate designs to create visually stunning and unique artworks. From decorative boxes and photo frames to ornate jewelry boxes and pen holders, our Khatamkari gifts are a fusion of art and functionality.

Minakari Handicraft Gifts: Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Minakari, an ancient Persian enameling art. Our Minakari handicraft gifts showcase the meticulous hand-painted designs on metal surfaces, resulting in vibrant and intricately detailed artworks. From decorative plates and vases to jewelry and keychains, our Minakari gifts embody the spirit of Persian artistry. Each piece reflects the rich cultural heritage of Persia, with motifs inspired by nature, geometric patterns, and mythical symbols.

Turquoise Handicraft Gifts: Experience the allure of Turquoise, a gemstone treasured in Persian culture for centuries. Our Turquoise handicraft gifts feature exquisite pieces adorned with this captivating stone. From delicate pendants and earrings to decorative items and sculptures, our Turquoise gifts showcase the beauty and significance of this gem in Persian art. Each piece is carefully crafted, combining the elegance of Turquoise with the expertise of Persian artisans, resulting in unique and cherished treasures.

At Saffronir Co., we take great pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our handicraft gifts are sourced directly from skilled artisans and reputable producers, ensuring the highest standards of authenticity and craftsmanship. Each piece tells a story, embodying the rich heritage and artistic traditions of Persia.

We understand the importance of a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. That's why we offer global delivery, bringing the beauty of Persian handicrafts to art enthusiasts worldwide. We also provide a money-back guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact our dedicated customer support team, and we will gladly assist you with a refund or replacement.

Explore our Persian Handicraft Gifts category and embark on a journey through the exquisite artistry of Persia. Whether you are seeking a unique gift, a cultural memento, or simply an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, our carefully curated collection promises to enchant and delight. Shop with confidence at Saffronir Co., where we celebrate the artistic treasures and cultural heritage of Persia.

Brand: Honarlux Model: Minakari
A Set of 20 cm plates and a 16 cm vase of Minakari can be used for all kinds of gifts to friends and acquaintances and promotional gifts of Minakari handicrafts. The inside of this Minakari set is covered with navy blue or black cloth, giving a lovely effect to the Minakari dishes inside t..
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