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saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g

saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g
saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g
saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g
saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g
saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g
saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g
saffron (Gift Box) - 50 g

First Grade Persian Saffron

Based on our experience, most saffron users heard the saffron name alongside "Persian." It is normal and seems logical. The reason is that Persia (Iran) is the original land of saffron. Today, Persian farmers produce around 90 percent of world saffron in Persian Lands. During the last decade, we at "Saffronir Co." has been trying to provide the highest quality of Persian saffron to lovely saffron End-Users. It's our pleasure to get positive feedback from our dear customers about the excellent taste and smell of saffron offered.


Outstanding Pricing

Product pricing is one of the essential items for all customers. Every day during the last decade, we have looked for a way to reduce costs to offer first-grade Persian saffron at the lowest possible price. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there were many extra expenses. Anyway, We minimized these charges during the last decade. We reduced shipping costs by signing an extended contract with DHL, UPS, and TNT companies to achieve this goal. Also, we minimized packaging costs by designing optimum packages. Today, we offer Persian saffron in Gift boxes, Metal packs, and "Normal Packages." 

By these, we claim that we can improve the highest quality of Persian saffron at the lowest possible price. You are free to check the price on the market. But it is impossible to find a lower cost of the same quality. If you find a lower price, we will send you a free saffron pack as a gift.



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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Although we guarantee the quality of offered Persian saffron, There is a solution in case of dissatisfaction. If you aren't satisfied with the quality of the saffron, packaging, delivery, or even without reason, just let us know. We will send back 100% of your payment. In this case, send an email to "," and we will refund your amount completely.


100% Pure and original Persian Saffron

Many suppliers claim that they offer original Persian saffron. But, some of them sell Indian or Spanish saffron instead of Persian ones. Saffron Co. is located in "Tehran," the capital of Persia, and has an office in "Mashad," the second city of Persia. Moreover, all the managing team members are from Persia. It shows that 90 percent of the company is Persian. Be sure that a Persian company in Persia offers original Persian saffron, Not Indian saffron or other country's saffron. We have agents, offices, and teams in Italy and Germany to support worldwide saffron lovers.

Super Negin Or Sargol Type

When you want to buy saffron, note the saffron type. As you probably know, the traditional and online markets offer five classes of saffron. Bunch, Pushal, Sargol, Negin, and Super Negin are saffron types that you could order. Bunch is red-white saffron threads, and other types are all red saffron. Among of 4 different types of all-red saffron, Super Negin is the top one.

In contrast with other types, Super Negin strings are thicker, longer, and redder than different types. Physical features, Super Negin aroma, and smell are more potent. High Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin in Super Negin type make its fragrance and color unique.

In the "Gift box" and "Metal pack" categories, we offer the "Super Negin" type for those customers who want to enjoy the highest quality of saffron on earth. And, in the "Normal Package" category, we offer the "Sargol" type to those who want to pay less.

5-7 Days Worldwide Delivery

Delivery is one of the most critical issues in online shopping. Today, thanks to express queries like DHL, UPS, and TNT, we deliver saffron orders in 5-7 working days worldwide. . We can send saffron to worldwide End Users from our offices in Persia, Germany, and Italy. Also, we will open our office in North America in the coming months.

Crocin Range 235-290
Net Weight 50 Grams
Price Per gram 4.8 Euro

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