World saffron production by country

Where is the origin?

Iran produce 94 percent of saffron which means almost all the saffron originally produce in Iran. through the Saffronir you can access to original land of saffron

Saffronir; Online Saffron Shop

Saffron is the most luxurious spice in the world that is offered in our online saffron shop, too. Probably, you heard the name of saffron right before the “Persian” word. The reason is that Persian lands are the place of the emergence of saffron in food and spice history. Today, Iran supplies around 90 percent of world saffron, and professionals in the food industry looking for Persian saffron.

Here, we love to give you all information about saffron. We will talk about saffron color, taste, flower, types, recipes, price, usage, and benefits. So after reading this article you will know about saffron like a professional. Moreover, we will introduce you to some links for these subjects to start your saffron journey easily.

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What color is saffron?

The saffron color depends on many items. Originality, Purity, type, and freshness are most important items. So when we are talking about saffron color, we mean Pure and fresh Persian saffron. The saffron color is bright red. The brightness of saffron could be vary over the different type. For example, Super Negin type offer very bright and shiny red color. In contrast, the color of Pushal type is something between red and yellow.  

When you put a thread of saffron in water, the color of water turn to goldish yellow, gradually. And reddishness of thread decrease a little. If the water color become red or orange you have fake saffron in hand, probably. Also, the water color should change slowly, not suddenly. So, if the water color change very fast, the saffron producer or seller added some color to thread to cheat you.

What does saffron taste like?

Most people who experienced the saffron taste in desserts or drinks think that saffron is sweet. In fact, they are completely wrong. Because the saffron taste is bitter and the smell is sweet. Honestly, the saffron taste is a nice and special bitter that you could not find it in any other spices or foods. Thus, if your saffron tastes sweet or sour it’s fake saffron and your seller added salt or sugar to increase the weight of saffron.

Anyway, some other people think that saffron taste is chilly. Maybe for the hot red color of saffron or categorize it as a spice. Because for them spice means pepper. Some other people who wrongly think that all spices come from India, expect saffron to taste to be hot and chilly, too. So, don’t forget that if you put a thread of saffron on your tongue, try to separate the bitter taste from the sweet smell.

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What does saffron taste like?

As you probably know, lovely red filaments of saffron came out from saffron flowers. This flower is from the Iridaceae family and known as Crocus Sativus. Anyway, it’s probable that you heard other names like Saffron Crocus or Autumn Crocus instead of Crocus Sativus. Saffron flowers have purple petals with yellow stamen and red stigma in the middle of them. Although all parts of Crocus Sativus are useful, the most important part is the red stigma known as saffron. Saffron threads are derived from saffron flowers and after a process of drying and quality control are ready to use as a spice.

What is types of saffron speice  ?

Generally, 6 types of saffron are derived from the Crocus Sativus plant. From top to down Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Pushal (or Poshal), Dasteh, and Konj (Style) are saffron types, respectively. In these types, Super Negin offers the highest level of chemicals like Crocin, Picrocrocin, and Safranal and consequently offer powerful color, taste, and smell. Also, Super Negin filaments are thicker and longer than other types. In contrast, the Konj type is white and offers the lowest level of saffron chemicals, color, taste, and smell. Generally, we suggest using Super Negin, Negin, or Sargol types. At the moment, we are offering the highest quality of Persian Super Negin.

Qestions related to Saffron quality, taste and grow

1 What is the best saffron in the world?

Understanding the difference between type, grade, and originality is essential. As we mentioned above, the Best type of saffron is Super Negin. Also, we know that the original saffron comes from Persian lands. So, if you look for the best saffron in the world, you should search for Suer Negin Persian saffron, Grade A+.

Of course, you should check that it’s real saffron. Some sellers offer fake saffron and label it as the best saffron. The above color and taste sections explained the differences between counterfeit and natural saffron. Some companies sell saffron from other origins like India or Spain as Persian saffron. So, have in mind these items to quickly find the best saffron in the world.

2Where is saffron spice store near me?

Honestly, the nearest saffron shop near you is on your smartphone or computer. Just search “saffron price”, “Persian saffron price” or “Iranian saffron price” to find the best stores in the first three links. When an online saffron shop appears in the first links of Google, it shows that many people visit that website and buy saffron from them. Also, it proves that they are focused and have a long history in the saffron business. Consequently, they are professionals and hate to lose their credit by selling fake or low-quality saffron. Please note it’s better to choose online shops that are focused on saffron. Mostly, the online shops that sell many other things are not professional in the saffron business.

Anyway, if you don’t trust online shops, like my granny, you should look for traditional stores in your neighborhood. It’s a little time-consuming to find a store with original saffron, except in the Middle East. Anyway, who seeks will find. Please have in mind things that we said about real saffron characteristics.

3How I can find saffron spice recipes?

The extraordinary taste and smell of saffron make it very special for fragrant foods, desserts, or drinks. Anyway, Because of its price and accessibility, using saffron in recipes is not usual. Meanwhile, we try to introduce it and make it accessible at the lowest possible cost for all people worldwide.

The “Kitchen” page on our website is consists of many recipes for foods, desserts, and drinks that are fragrant with saffron. If you cannot find your favorite recipe, let us know. We will add it to this page immediately. Also, on the Saffron in Restaurants page, you will discover why restaurants use saffron in the recipe of their menu.

Moreover, we explain the two ways for saffron preparation to use it in your cooking in a better way in “Saffron uses in cooking.”

When to plant crocus sativus?

If you heard about the saffron and its price, probably you thought about the Saffron Crocus cultivation. Because, this tiny plant needs small space to grow and its highly valuable. In brief, we give you some hints about saffron cultivation here.

Saffron Crocus can be grown in dry and moderate whether condition. So, farms in subtropical zones are best places for Crocus Stavius cultivation. Anyway, it grow in temperate zone, too.

Saffron flowers grow from saffron bulbs that known as saffron Corn, too. Firstly, farmer plants the Saffron Corn underground and it remain for 4-5 years. In other words, flowers grow every year from same bulb for four to five years. Saffron planting time depends on the weather and soil specification of region.  In Persian lands, it start in June and continue up to end of September. Anyway, the exact time depends on specifications of each region or farm. Usually, Saffron flowers grow in autumn. That’s why some people call it Autumn Crocus, too. In Persian lands Saffron Crocus blooms in early November and harvest time continue for 20-30 days. Note that Saffron cultivation needs, fertilizer, and long-term irrigation.

What is Crocus Sativus family?

Crocus Sativus is a species of flowering plant of the Crocus genus in the iris family Iridaceae.


Is saffron an Indian spice?

India is well known for its spices and hot tastes. Generally, when we are talking about an Indian food, first thing that comes to our mind is hot spices. Saffron as the most expensive spice in the world is also produced in India. Maybe for its hot red color, some people think that is an Indian hot spice. But both of them are incorrect. It’s not Indian spice and more important it’s not hot and chilly. Saffron originally comes from Persian lands, especially east parts of Iran, Khorasan province. You can see saffron all over Persian culture in Persian food, the literature, the poems, medications, the history, and so on. Today, Iran produce around 90 percent of world saffron and transfer it to all parts of the world.


Is yellow saffron spice, real saffron?

Of course not. Many saffron End-Users, except Middle East ones, ask this question. Especially people who looking for Saffron in Europe ask about saffron color.  Because many traditional store in Europe sell yellow threads as saffron. I see it with my eyes in Munich, Budapest, Naples, etc. Saffron color should be RED. Otherwise its not saffron or at least we could say that is not pure saffron. It’s probably strings of other plants or maybe white threads colored by saffron water or turmeric. In above parts of this page we talk about saffron taste, color, smell and other characteristics. So, please read them precisely before going to saffron shop.


Why is saffron so expensive?

Saffron usually grows in restricted area of the world. Its production process is usually difficult. As result of which, saffron price is widely different in many parts of the world. Usually, Europe or USA brand owners unpack Persian saffron and sell it as their product. We can see a wide range of prices in European countries. For instance, saffron price in Italy vary between 6 to 7 Euros per gram. While, Persian saffron is about 3 Euro in the main land. Saffronir could easily provide a direct online access to the pure and fresh Persian saffron. People in European countries from Turkey to England can order first grade Persian saffron. Consequently, we will deliver it in 5-7 days to your address.

Where to buy saffron? Online saffron shops or traditional stores? 

Honestly, Except the Middle East, It’s a little hard to find a store that sells saffron. Even if you find saffron in a Supermarket, probably it’s not pure, fresh and high quality. These days, best place to buy saffron is internet. Thanks to “World Wide Web” and international express companies, you can order and get everything online. There is many benefits in online shopping of saffron. First of all, you can have a nice price comparison between many suppliers and brands by few clicks in less than five minutes. Secondly, you can buy saffron online from original lands. Today, Many Persian companies offer highest quality of Persian saffron online. All of them looking for loyal and permanent saffron users. So, try their best to deliver best quality of Persian saffron.

When you want to buy saffron, you should have in mind many items to be happy at the end. You should define the selected saffron is fake or real, old or fresh, have high or low quality, and so on. In this regard, here is some method that could help you.  In our opinion, online saffron shops offers better opportunities. Through online shops, you could check prices and qualities of all shops over the world. Moreover, you could pay through your bank account by few clicks and don’t need cash money. Of course, most of online saffron shops support their costumers by money back guarantee. Also, most of them offer their products by worldwide free shipping.

Is it OK to buy saffron from amazon?

In my opinion, there is better options than Amazon. Amazon is a great organization that changes the concept of shopping in an excellent way. They are nice in pricing and delivery but not specialized on products. Especially, when you decide to buy something very delicate and precious, like saffron, it’s better to look for specialized suppliers.

On the other hand, we get some feedbacks from our customers and visitors those have an unpleasant experience by buying saffron from Amazon. They mostly say that although price and delivery is good, they are not satisfied by quality. So, buy PS5, boots, or phones from Amazon, but for red gold look for online saffron shops who are professional in this field.

How much is saffron spice price?

Like all products, saffron price depends on many items. Most important ones are quality, quantity, type, and packaging and delivery status. For example, we offer 100 grams of highest quality of Persian saffron, Super Negin type, door to door delivery, 299 Euro. It Means 2.99 Euro per gram. Meanwhile, by changing each item, price would change dramatically.

So, when you decide to buy saffron online keep in mind these items. Also, note to final price that you pay, not the labaled price on product page. Some online saffron shops add packaging and delivery cost to final bill.

How much is saffron price per kg?

When you decide to buy saffron in kg, you should define the saffron type and grade. Then, make sure about the delivery term.

Because of customs rules and regulations it’s very hard to deliver bulk orders to door. But we are able to deliver kg scale orders to your address in Europe Union. For other parts of world it depends on the destination rules. Mostly, delivery term for other countries is FOB (Freight On Board), CFR (Cost and Freight) or CIF(Cost, Insurance and Freight). Most of times, Supplier include the delivery expenses to issued price.

We are able to supply all types of Persian saffron up to 100 kg per week. Price for bulk order is defined in our online shop, wholesale part. For more information and negotiations please send email to info@saffronir.com or send message on WhatsApp +491726468460

How much is saffron flower price in online saffron shop?

If you prefer to buy saffron flowers you should note that the process of separating saffron threads from flower a time consuming and delicate job. Anyway, it’s not usual to offer and sell saffron flowers. Meanwhile, saffron flower price in mainland like Iran is around 10 Euro. Considering shipping and delivery expenses it would be around 15-17 Euro in Europe.

Saffron flowers are supersensitive and touchy. So, it’s probable that became fade, withered or pale in shipping process. That’s why we suggest to shop saffron instead of saffron flower.

How I can find saffron crocus bulbs for sale?

If you are not located in Middle East, It’s nearly impossible to find saffron bulbs in your city or even country. But like online saffron shopping that we suggested before, you can find saffron bulbs on internet. As it is like onion, some people call it saffron onion. So search on web “saffron onion”, too. Anyway, it’s a very professional job. If you are not professional in agriculture and its not your profession, we don’t suggest to buy saffron bulbs by yourself. We propose to ask someone whose job is in this field. Because some dishonest people sell online bad and corrupted saffron bulbs.

What is saffron used for?

Particular and unique specifications of this spice made it very special. Consequently, it could have specific effects on special situations. In this regards, mankind start to create different ways to use saffron from the beginning days of using saffron in Persian lands. Here, we introduce this ways briefly.

From Ancient Persia saffron have used for medical purpose. Today, scientists proved that saffron has positive effects on many disorders. For instance, it improve the function of Nervous and Immune systems. In addition, saffron is good for depression, stomach, PMS, Skin abnormalities, etc.

Moreover, saffron has usage in beauty and cosmetic.  It is very useful for skin and has many applications to improve skin brightness, tightening and youthful. Also, saffron is useful to prevent hair loss and Heals Wounds.

However, we know that the most of saffron users are chefs. Therefore, it’s clear that most part of produced saffron is using in cooking. Using saffron as an extraordinary spice makes foods, drinks or desserts, delicious. Today, it is using in many meals, wines and ice creams.

How i can use it?

Saffron has lots of benefits for people health. It has also effect on brain. In this essay, we will discuss about three saffron recipes which they have benefits for memory and brain performance.

  1. Saffron and Lavender

If you have problem such as headache, and sometimes you forget thing one of the best ways to help this problem is to drink lavender.

But if you like to have a better performance of your memory, it is better to use lavender and saffron together. To see the best result of it on your memory it will be suggested to use it continuously for example every 8 hours.

  1. Saffron and Figs

Obviously, foods which have sugar are very good for brain performance combination of saffron and figs have the best effect on brain.

Saffron has lots of benefits for brain. In addition figs contain vitamins such as A, B, C and other nutritional materials. Which, all of them help the proceed of brain cells production.

  1. Saffron and Almonds

It is obvious that ingredients of the Almonds make the central neuron systems stronger. You just need to mix saffron with almonds. Then, boil them in hot water. Next, you can enjoy all the benefits of them in your brain and memory.


What is saffron benefits?

Saffron provides a wide range of healthy advantages. New studies on saffron show that saffron could cause memory retention and increase vitality. These research especially show that saffron is very effective in the treatment of memory problems. Furthermore saffron could cause death of cancer cells. Crocin in the saffron is widely known as an active component that could trigger the death of cancer cells. One of the best way of eating saffron is mixing it with milk. Saffronir online shop offers a unique opportunity for all people to access to highest quality of Persian saffron.

Is saffron is good for depression?

Today, depression is one of six top diseases in the world. Saffron could be useful for many condition like depression. Meanwhile, if someone suffering from depression should have in mind to get advice from his/her doctor. Anyway, it proved by scientist researches that using saffron in normal way can be useful as same level as medications like imipramine and fluoxetine and improve mood. Persian people, when see someone laugh more than usual tell that he/she overused saffron.

Anyway, it’s clear that over using of saffron could hurt your health severely. Even it could bring to death. So, if you have a specific health condition before starting to use saffron have consultation with a health professional.

Why is saffron bad for you?

Generally, saffron is not bad for you. Unless, you have a particular health situation. Otherwise, regular and normal use of saffron would be very good for your body. This great Antioxidant can fight again cancer, reduce PMS symptoms, and help you lose weight by reducing appetite. Also, many researches results shows that using saffron reduce heart diseases and improve memory in people who suffer from Alzheimer. Anyway, it’s not a treatment method and just could be effective as a complement.

Can saffron make you high?

Of course NOT. Although it’s probable that overusing saffron make you laugh more than normal, it never make you high. Also, it could pull up your energy and awake you. Anyway, don’t try to eat saffron more than usual. It will poison you and hurt your health.

What are saffron flowers used for?

The properties found in the purple petals of saffron are not less than the properties of red and expensive saffron stigmas. That is why the purple petals of saffron have recently received a lot of attention from the people and they consume it as a tail. According to the results obtained for the properties of saffron flowers, the Chinese use saffron petals to treat many diseases.

Yellow saffron flags, also known as saffron yellow, are used in ice cream parlors and confectioneries. Saffron petals are used in the preparation of saffron petal tea, which has refreshing and anti-depressant properties.

How Saffronir works as online saffron shop?

We in Saffronir Co. (an online saffron shop) are trying to introduce  Persian saffron, the most valuable spice in the world. We offer Permium Persian saffron and try to make as simple as possible the process. In this regard, we created this website as an online shop to offer 1st grade Persian saffron. In this way, any person living in any part of the world can order saffron and enjoy the highest quality at the lowest price. Saffronir company was founded to create a direct connection between saffron producers and saffron end users. We think it’s the best solution to reduce the cost of red gold, without decreasing the quality.

So, we sign contract with top farms of saffron in Khorasan province, Iran. Every year, after the harvest time (in November), we start the labratory process and categorize the saffron to different types (SuperNegin, Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Dasteh, Konj) and grades(A+, A, B, C). The highest quality “SuperNegin A+” is packed in 10 grams up to 1000 grams packs for saffron end_users. Those buy saffron online in our website. Other types are considered for saffron wholesale market. Those buy saffron more than 10 kg in one order. Probably you ask why?

Free Saffron Shipping To All Across The World

Saffronir offers a wide range of free shipping packaging to all across the world. free shipping is active for 28g package and more. For example, You can only pay 299.9 Euro for 100g package, offering an excellent opportunity to access to free shipping pure first grade Persian saffron. Also this trend is similar for 50 and 100 gram packages. We prepare these products in a clean and certified production process. As you can see, we freely deliver our purchase in only 5-7 days after submitting your order. We are glade to say that people from many parts of the world are now using our products. Including Asia, Europe, United States and so on. In addition, we have 100% money-back guarantee and we hope having 100% of your satisfaction.

Special Opportunity For German Wholesalers

For German Wholesalers, Here is an unique opportunity to get first grade Persian saffron up to 1000 grams in 2 days! to start follow below three steps:

1- Send email to info@saffronir.com or WhatsApp +491726468460.

2- Get free saffron sample and test it.

3- Pay and get your order in 2 working days (1 day for Bavaria state).

keep in mind that no one cultivate saffron in Germany. So, start your saffron business as soon as possible to became the pioneer of this business.

Because we love saffron End-Users

Therefore, we can offer fresh and original Persian saffron at a reasonable price. And, thanks to using express couriers services, we can deliver it to your location. Undoubtedly, we offer Iranian saffron at the lowest price in contrast with other online or offline saffron shops. So, if you find a lower price, let us know. we will give you a discount code to order saffron 10 percent lower than that price. Just send an email to “info@saffronir.com”. To have more information about the origin of Red Gold click on “Where does saffron come from”.

Moreover, we try to learn you more things about the different aspects of Saffron. We give you useful information about saffron usages in Cooking, Medicine, Health, etc. Of course, it will improve your health and will make you happier. Yes! It is our goal. Offer you happiness!

Also, we will give useful information about the saffron farm and cultivation. For read everything about it, Click here.


What will I find in this online saffron shop ?


This website is consists of the following sections: Online Shop, Saffron Price, Posts, About, Contact, Our Team, FAQ, and Kitchen.


How I Can Buy saffron From This Online saffron Shop?

The most important part of the Saffronir website is the “Online Saffron Shop” section. Through this page, you could find an optimum saffron price and order it based on your preferred amount. You could choose packages: from 5 Grams to 1 Kilo Grams. This part contains two sections. The first section offers you 5 grams, 10 grams, and 15 grams saffron packages. This amount of saffron is appropriate for End-Users who want to use saffron at home for family and friends. The next parts is dedicated to higher weights. 50 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams packages are suitable for restaurants, food factories, wine factories, chocolate factories, and saffron resellers. Please note that as you order a bigger package, the price per gram decreases.


Is there any thing about Saffron Price?

On the “Saffron Price” page, you could read everything about saffron price: why it’s expensive? how much it costs in Dubai, Germany, or Turkey? Where to buy saffron? Wholesale and retail Saffron price, and so on. Since saffron price is an important issue, this page is the most visited page of “saffronir.com”. So, we translated to six other languages, those that have the most speakers in the world: Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, German, Italian, and Arabic. Also, here you could read about Kesar Price.


What telling us posts in online saffron shop?

The “Posts” section is the most updated part. In this section, we update you with saffron news. So, check this part at the bottom part of the home page (present page) to know new things about saffron benefits, saffron price, discounts, original saffron, etc. At the same time, these posts are published on saffronir Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook pages. So, follow us on social media to keep updated.


Is It A Real Kitchen in Online Saffron Shop?

The “Kitchen” page is consists of a lot of recipes for foods, desserts, and drinks that are fragrant by saffron. If you could not find your favorite recipe, let us know. we will add it to this page, immediately. Also, on the Saffron In Restaurants page, you will find that why restaurants using saffron in the recipe of their menu.

Moreover, we explain the two ways for saffron preparation to use it in your cooking in a better way in “Saffron uses in cooking”.


Do You Like To Know More About the Team of Online Saffron Shop?

On the “About” page we introduced our company and our method for saffron sale and delivery.

On the “Contact” page you could find our Emails, Phone Numbers, and Addresses. So, you can have access to our team round the clock.

On the “Our Team” page we introduced all team members and their contact details. Therefore, you can have direct access to us.

Frequently Asked Questions about all aspects of saffron are listed on the “FAQ” page. You could find the answer to questions like “Saffron price”, “Saffron price per gram”, “plant”, “benefits”, “where to buy saffron?”, “what is saffron used for” and so on. Moreover, if you could not find your question, you can add it to the list by sending an email to us.

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