World saffron production by country

Where is the origin?

Iran produce 94 percent of saffron which means almost all the saffron originally produce in Iran. through the Saffronir you can access to original land of saffron

Saffronir is an online shop to buy saffron easily

We in Saffronir company (an online saffron shop) are trying to introduce and offer the most expensive spice of earth. In this regard, we created this website as an online shop to offer 1st grade Persian saffron. By this way, any person living in any part of world is able to buy and enjoy the highest quality with best saffron price. Saffronir company founded to create direct connection between saffron farmers and saffron end users. Therefore, we are able to offer fresh and original product to you at optimum price. And, thanks to using express couriers services, we are able to deliver it to your location. Moreover, we learn you more things about the different aspects of Saffron.

We give you useful information about saffron usages in Cooking, Medicine, Health, etc. Of course, it will improve your health and will make you more happy. Yes! It is our goal. Offer you happiness!

Saffronir Overview

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This website is consist of following pages: Online Shop, Saffron Price, Posts, About, Contact, Our Team, FAQ, and Kitchen.

Most important part of Saffronir website is “Online shop” section. Through this page you find optimum saffron price and order it based on your preferred amount. You could choose packages: from 3 Grams to 1 Kilo Grams.

In “Saffron Price” page, you could read everything about saffron price: why its expensive? how much it costs in Dubai, Germany or Turkey? Where to buy saffron? Wholesale and retail Saffron price, and so on.

“Posts” section is most update part. In this section we update you by saffron news. So, check this part at the bottom part of home page to know new things about saffron benefits, saffron price, discounts, original saffron, etc.

In “About” page we introduced our company and our method for saffron sale and delivery.
In “Contact” page you could find our Emails, Phone Numbers, and Addresses. So, you are able to have access to our team round the clock.

in “Our Team” page we introduced all team members and their contact details. Therefore, you are able to have direct access to us.
Frequently Asked Questions about all aspects of saffron are listed in “FAQ” page. You could find the answer of questions like “Saffron price”, “Saffron price per gram”, “plant”, “benefits“, “where to buy saffron?”, “what is saffron used for” and so on. Moreover, if you could not find your question, you can add it to list by sending an Email to us.
“Kitchen” page is consist of a lot of recipes for foods, desserts, and drinks those are fragrant by saffron.

Saffron Price

On the market, premium quality best saffron price is around 3 Euro for 1 gram. Such cost makes saffron spice even more expensive than gold today. Fortunately, We succeed to create a direct connection between Persian saffron producer and End-user. Therefore, Saffronir broke the saffron price and reduced it to around 2 Euro for 1 gram.


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