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Saffron; Most Expensive and Valuable Spice

Among a variety of spices from the different world regions, saffron price is known as highest ones. Generally, there is a lot of ideas about the highest price for spice over the world. For instance, most expensive spicy harvested in Austria is a  Peruvian chili known as Charapita. And, price of this yellow spicy is around 26,000 USD per kilogram. Also, you could find Vanilla, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Turmeric and saffron as expensive species.

Anyway, professionals in this industry ranked Saffron as the most expensive spice. Anyway, saffron price depends on the saffron quality and for 1 Kilogram it costs  3500 to 160000 USD!!!

Undoubtedly, this price depends on the origin, purity, and type of offered saffron. So, In this page we will discuss all issues related to saffron price. specially, Persian saffron price.

Saffron Threads, Oil or Powder?

Indeed, for people that don’t have enough information about saffron, there is a question about saffron price: “Is it the Saffron Oil, Powder, or Threads price?

Generally, anywhere you see only “saffron price”, they are talking about saffron threads.

Admittedly, there is different types of saffron threads those are offered with different saffron price. We talked about the different types of saffron threads here. In this case, Please note that for saffron oil and saffron powder, sellers should mention “oil” and “powder” words, respectively. Anyway, we do not suggest buying saffron oil or saffron powder. Because it is very hard to identify pure saffron oil or saffron powder from fake ones.

Saffron Price: per ounce or per gram?

As you know, people in different countries use different units for weight measurement. For Saffron, “Gram” and “Ounce” are most popular units. While, Gram is an international unit (SI unit) and Ounce is an “Imperial unit” for weight and mass measurement.

Generally, “Ounce” is popular in United Kingdom and “Gram” is using in most of other regions of world.

Since, 1 Once is equal to 28.35 Grams, when you are considering the saffron price, please note the weight unit.

Saffron Price Chart

Obviously, saffron price depends on different items like country, Origin, Brand, type, quality, quantity, etc. Here, you could find the saffron price for one gram Negin type in different countries.

 CountryPrice for 1 gram (Euro)
3United States (US)7-9.3
5Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany)7-9
6United Kingdom (UK)7-10
7United Arab Emirates2.9-4.4

Saffron price 2020, Saffron price 2019, Saffron price 2018, saffron price 2017.

How Saffron Grows?

saffron farm
saffron farm

Indeed, most of saffron farmers use the traditional ways to grow saffron. Anyway, there is other ways to grow this expensive plant. Hence, you could find in Internet by searching “how to grow saffron indoors”, “how to grow saffron in pots” , and so on.

However, most important items to harvest  high quality saffron is plant genetic, weather and soil. Notably, This three items make the saffron quality of each region Specific to that region.

For example, its very hard to achieve Persian saffron characteristics by harvesting saffron in Spain, and so on. But, if you create same situation in Greenhouse, its not impossible. Of course, by using Persian saffron bulbs.

For more details, click: Saffron Crocus; When they plant and when cultivate it?

Khorasan Province; best region to cultivate red gold

Accordingly, Its proved that best soil to harvest saffron belong to east part of Persia lands, known as Khorasan Province. That is to say, cities of this province are best zones to harvest saffron crocus. In this region, saffron harvest season starts at middle of autumn and lasts for 30-40 days. Anyway, the exact time of harvest differs city to city of this region. During this period, farmers start to pick saffron flowers in early morning, every day. Then, picked flowers will transfer to saffron workhouses, workrooms, laboratories, factories and homes to clean them and separate red part (Stigma) from other parts of crocus sativus (Petals, Stamen, stalk and probably leaves). Finally red parts will dry in dark room and would be ready for packaging and commercial phase. In this cities, mostly all people including men, women, boys and girls participate in all steps.

saffron price 2020
saffron parts

At this time, you could buy saffron plant that named saffron crocus or Crocus Sativus, or Autumn Crocus. Saffron plant price in Persian lands is around 5-7 USD per kilogram.

If you like to harvest saffron, note that 1 kilogram saffron flower will give you around 10 grams all red saffron.

Why saffron price is high?

If you know the process of saffron production, you will find that why saffron is so expensive:

  • significantly, Saffron farm should rest at the end of harvest season up to start of next harvest season. So, It is not possible to harvest any other plant during the rest period of saffron farm.
  • In fact, Each Saffron corn should be planted by human hand one by one. And its a time consuming and gentle process.
  • Finally, 2-3 saffron flower will grow from each saffron corn.
  • Next, Each saffron flower should pick up by human hand gently.
  • Concurrently, Humans separate saffron threads from saffron flower by hand and very accurately.
  • Each saffron flower gives three threads of red saffron.
  • After driving saffron threads from saffron flower, red part will dried in a dark and dry place..
  • Last but not least,To have 8-10 gram all red saffron, this process should pass for 1-kilogram saffron flower.

In summary, it is a long term and time-consuming process with need of many human resources.

That is why other herbs could not replace saffron and its price is so high.

Where to Buy Saffron?

If you live in Persia lands, best place to buy Persian saffron is nearest super market. Probably 100 meter far from your home. But, if you live in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, or East Asia, there is 1-3 store in your city that offer saffron. Therefore, you should pass a long way to find probably one kind of saffron, very expensive.

At the same time, Thanks to technology, you easily could search “buy saffron online” and find many online stores with many exciting offers for different types of saffron.

Wholesale and Retail Saffron Price

Like other products, wholesale price is lower than retail saffron price. Therefore, Whenever you looking for saffron in online shops, note the price per gram. Generally, price per gram decrease by increase in saffron amount. For example, in our saffron shop “”, you will pay 9.98 USD per gram when you buy 5-gram package (plus 10-12 USD as shipping cost). While, you will pay 3.3 USD per gram when you order 100-gram package (and enjoy free shipping). Around 70% decrease per gram. Since, saffron quality do not decrease during one year, we suggest you to order all saffron you need for 1 year in wholesale packages. please note to store them in a dark and dry place.

How to Use Saffron

Finally, We do warn you to do not eat pure saffron alone or directly. Because this would have many side effects. While, You could use saffron to fragrant foods, drinks and deserts. Now, you could find a lot of recipes here and find the answer of “how to use saffron?”

Saffron Price In Other Point Of View

Ninety-five percent of the world’s “red gold” saffron is cultivated and produced in Persian lands and exported to other countries. so, saffron spice price is mostly determined in Iran. Saffron is traditionally grown in Khorasan province, a region in the northeast of Iran with ideal subtropical climates with mild winters and hot and dry summers.

Saffron Spice Price

This spice is one of the spices known since ancient times for its color, taste and medicinal properties. 75000 saffron blossoms are needed to produce one kg of saffron spice. its really high. Saffron is usually harvested by hand. Due to the difficulty of harvesting saffron, saffron spice is one of the most expensive plants in the world. The End-User saffron spice price depends on farmer’s saffron rating that is determined based on its coloring power, smell and taste. Of course, for rating the saffron quality lab experiments is needed. In this experiments, examiners define the quality of saffron based on the level of compounds like Crocin, Safranal, Picrocrocin, Crocetin and so on.

Persian Saffron Price

Persia created an unique and strategic situation in this market by production of 95% of the world’s saffron. About 6,000 hectares of the country’s agricultural land is devoted to Persian saffron Cultivation/production and more than 70% of this crop is exported. so investing in this area will be very profitable. Anyway, Saffron price is determined daily like gold price.

Since based on quality level, the saffron spice is divided into several different categories,  saffron  price is variable over this categories. Negin Persian saffron is the most expensive type of saffron spice and of course has more customers in North America and Europe countries. If we want to sell Negin saffron, negin saffron price will be at least 3,000 $ per kilogram. While Saffronir team made it possible for the people around the world, to buy the best Negin saffron online, with the cheapest fee directly from Persian land. Other types of saffron, like sargol saffron are cheaper. but in general, the saffron spice price is like gold, and it is trade per grams. But Persian saffron price is changing every year.

The Persian saffron fee varies depending on the quality, type, packaging, the city where the saffron is bought and the amount of saffron.

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