What Is Saffron?

Everything about saffron; from production to properties and Side effects

Today, Crocus Sativus (the saffron flower) is known as a multi-purpose plant that has been used all over the world. But before buying saffron and consuming it, it is better to be informed about the anatomy of this colorful plant. So, come on to know it from A to Z.
To understand saffron and its properties, it is good to first examine its appearance. A cursory glance reveals that the red stigmas of the saffron flower are among its purple petals, and if your hand touches it, its fragrance will remain for several days.

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What is saffron and how does it grow?

The saffron flower is a plant that grows through saffron bulbs. The bulb of this plant has a brown shell that protects it. After planting the bulb, it begins to grow and form a stem at the end of which the flower head is formed. After flowering, you will see a purple flower with 6 beautiful petals that protect the 3 red stigmas. These three red stigmas are known as saffron that is prepared with effort.

What are the ingredients?

Crocus Sativus has compounds that distinguish this valuable plant from other plants. The quality of saffron is measured through these compounds in laboratories. A higher percentage of these compounds, guarantee the higher quality of saffron. Therefore, these compounds have a great impact on the properties of saffron.

These compounds include:

Crocin is responsible for color strength and the Picrocin level defines the intensity and quality of flavoring. Last but not least, Safranal is a factor that shows the fragrance level of saffron.

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Types of original saffron

Unlike other spices, saffron has different types that in each one the strands are not the same. In fact, this difference depends on the type of Corcus Savitus, harvesting process, separation of saffron from the flower, the climate of the region, and so on.

Here, we have listed the types of saffron from the highest quality to the lowest quality.

  1. Super Negin: In Super Negin type, the percentage of safranal and crocin has its highest possible amount. This type has a very high level of color and aroma, compared to other types .
  2. Negin-like: The coloring of this type is far more than other types, but it does not reach Super Negin.
  3. Negin : In Negin , there is no curvature of strings and the branches are separated and completely red.
  4. Sargol : There is no yellow and white (root) starnds in Sargol . This type is the most widely used type.
  5. Pushal : Pushal is a type that has red stigmas with around 5 to 10 percent white (root) strands.
  6. Dasteh : In this type, stigmas with white roots are arranged together and dried.
  7. White (Root): The white part that is at the end of the stigma is called saffron root.

Other Crocus Sativus products include petals and yellow parts that have their usages but could not assume them in the saffron category.

The most important properties

Before we get into the details of properties, it is good to tell you in a list what saffron is good for.

According to many studies saffron is good for depression, pain reduction, hair loss prevention, respiratory System, heart, mental health, skin, strengthen the digestive system, and intelligence.
But in short, we have explanations for each of these properties that can give you a new vision of “Red Gold”.

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Saffron usage can treat depression and increase happiness

One of the most important factors in the treatment of depression are certain hormones that are responsible for neurological control. These hormones are called dopamine and serotonin. In a comprehensive study, scientists concluded that saffron is able to positively control these two hormones and help the depressed person recover faster and live happier.

Increase intelligence and memory power

Although it has been said that our intelligence is largely related to hereditary aspects, experimental studies show that saffron usage has positive effects on it. It is said that Manganese, copper, iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium increase intelligence. Researchers concluded that saffron is full of these minerals.

Of course, note that excessive consumption of these substances does not increase intelligence too much, but causes poisoning. These substances also help to increase the power of memory. In fact, these elements in the human body act as cofactors of enzymatic reactions and lead to improvement in metabolism and function of body systems.


Red Gold djust body clock and improve the sleep cycle

Sleep is not an activity for us. But it can greatly affect our health. If we have a problem with the sleep clock, it means that the body clock doesn’t work properly. This disruption causes dysfunction of body parts. Saffron can help you experience better and deeper sleep by influencing factors such as peace of mind, adjusting the body clock, and refreshing the body.

It helps hair loss prevention and treatment

In traditional medicine, it’s famous that any plant that is in the shape of an organ of the body is useful for that part of the body. For example, if you cut a carrot across, you will find that it is similar to the eye. And, according to research, it contains vitamin A that helps strengthens visual sense. It’s also true for many other fruits and plants.
If you pay attention to the shape of saffron threads, you will find that it is similar to hair strands. Also, drinking it with tea or milk increases hair growth and strength.

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Treatment of respiratory disorders and chronic cough

One of the uses that have been true for many people is the use of this delicious spice to treat disorders and inflammation of the lungs and respiratory system. How saffron treats this is not the subject of our discussion, but you can improve your lungs and bronchitis by preparing a drink containing tea and black seed, cumin, cardamom, chamomile, fennel, and licorice.

Use saffron for beauty

Using saffron for beauty has many branches and aspects! For example, it is probable that a pregnant mother will give birth to a beautiful baby if she eats this spice in sufficient quantities in certain months when the risk of miscarriage is lower!
Also, this lovely soice indirectly affects the freshness of the skin by improving some diseases and disorders.
Moreover, consuming it with tea refresh and rejuvenate the skin and make its transparency really noticeable. People who usually have glowing skin consider this sopice in their diet.
Finally, it is good to know that with proper consumption of saffron, in the long run, skin lesions such as blemishes, fleas, and ticks eliminate.

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Improve muscle pain

Saffron has a large number of minerals that together help to better absorb calcium. Although Crocus Sativus is a soothing plant, improving absorption of calcium helps the body to compensate the muscle damages.

Reduce heart attacks and strokes

Saffron contains two important substances called potassium and crocin. These two, help to heal the arteries and veins. Thus prevent clogged arteries and strokes. Crocin also regulates blood cholesterol levels. Which greatly reduces the risk of heart attacks and clogged arteries. So use it for longer life.


Reduce the progression and incidence of cancer

Although the consumption of this spice during a month has a special rule, the use of this plant regularly helps to prevent cell mutations and cancer. Also, saffron usage can stop the growth of many cancerous tumors and improve the treatment process. In fact, it’s possible to control and inhibit cancer, by controlling the production of free radicals and by strengthening the immune system,

Prevent Alzheimer’s

As mentioned, using saffron improves memory. In particular, it helps to control or treat certain diseases such as amnesia, Parkinson’s, mild Alzheimer’s, and moderate Alzheimer’s. Therefore, to prevent the decline of intellect and mind in old age, be sure to include it in your diet.

Saffron benefits

Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

usually, the cause of gastrointestinal diseases is a change in the body’s temperament and a cold temper. But the hot and dry nature of saffron helps to compensate for these colds. So you can easily cure diseases such as liver enlargement, kidney damage, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Prevent presbyopia and improve vision

According to researches, people who regularly eat this spice have eye protection. this would prevent the damaging effects of direct sunlight. It also helps to cure eye diseases due to its minerals and vitamin A. In addition, patients with macular degeneration are able to regain their eyesight by consuming saffron and enjoy the blessings of seeing.

Other properties that you should know

Considering the mentioned properties, please do not miss the following list.
It is also effective in treating high blood pressure and blood sugar.
Women who suffer from menstrual irregularities or have painful menstruations can recover by consuming saffron.
you can control diabetes or prevent it by consuming this spice.
It helps to improve men’s sexual ability.
People who suffer from cold stomachs and abdominal pain can get rid of this complication by consuming this lovely spice.
Using this colorful and fragrant spice, eliminate Sleep disorders, urinary disorders, and memory disorders.
This plant with its warm and dry nature is the best detoxifier.
There is a simple treatment for MS and that is saffron usage.
Itcan treat infertility, too.
This soice helps improve metabolism and leads to increased metabolism and weight loss.

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What is usage limitations?

In addition to all the benefits that we have mentioned, it’s better to know about its consumption limits, too.

Control your daily consumption. because overusing leads to poisoning and even death!
Excessive consumption can increase body heat and involve some of the body’s endocrine glands. such as the liver.
We recommend saffron for pregnant women with special conditions. Because consumption of this plant can cause miscarriage in the early months of pregnancy.
We hope that with this information, you know enough and use this plant optimally.

What is your opinion about “Red gold” and its wonderful properties? Please share your comments and experiences with us in the comments section.

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