How to make saffron tea?

Saffron tea is one of the most accessible and enjoyable ways to consume saffron and use its benefits. Most saffron users believe this drink has mood-boosting properties.

According to many historical references, tea was the first hot drink that humans tried to make. Mostly ancient china is known as the first place to make this lovely drink. On the other hand, some evidence shows that tea was popular in the Indian and Persia empires in the same period. Anyway, some Chinese poetry poems show that tea was more general in ancient china.

Drinking tea like wine on a winter’s night.

Flames on the stove intensify.

How to make it?

To prepare this lovely drink for 4-5 persons, you need 1 liter of water, fifteen or twenty strands of saffron (0.2-0.3 grams), and five drops of honey. You could use one or two tablespoons of sugar instead of honey.

Put the saffron in a cup with a splash of warm water and leave it for ten minutes. This is important!

Pour boiling water over it and add honey or sugar to taste. Also, you could serve it with ten to fifteen Mint leaves and a lemon slice.

Moreover, it would be healthier with one stick of Cinnamon or One tablespoon of Grated Ginger.

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