Saffronir Team

Our company have 30 employees in four teams. Also, we created jobs for at least 50 persons indirectly. In this page, The Saffronir management team is introduced and their responsibilities is described briefly.

Meysam Mehranfar

Saffronir Founder and CEO

Born in Mashhad, in a family with origin in Ferdows (one of the most important cities in production of saffron). He grown with scent of Saffron from the first moments of his life. Mr. Mehranfar received his master degree from IUST. He is really love to introduce saffron to people all over the world.

Mohammad Hossein Sheikhsarraf

Founder and Managing Director

The creative managing director of company received his master degree from IUST, too. Although, grown in a family with long history in Gold business, he became interested on Red Gold (saffron). By having in mind the idea of making saffron available for all people in the world, found Saffronir Company with his close friend.

Arman Rabiei

General Manager

Talented general manager of company born in Tehran and joined the company right after creation of Saffronir idea. Mr. Rabiei, manage, review and refine the activity of all parts of company. furthermore, He supervise the package design team.

Maryam Jashoo

Sales Manager

Having extra-ordinary sense of finding costumer interests, Ms. Jashoo designed the sales structure of Saffronir company. Based on her idea, the first and most important role of sales department is making happy the costumer after using Saffronir products. So, Happy costumers, Happy sales team.

Fatemeh Rajabi

Quality Manager

Ms. Rajabi born in Ferdows (one of the most important cities in production of saffron) and grown in Ferdows very close to Saffron farms. The quality manager of company graduated from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in field of agriculture. therefore, he have excellent experience on definition of saffron quality and nature.

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