Saffronir Advantages

Reasonable price is the most important Saffronir advantages

if you search “buy Persian saffron online” or “buy Iranian saffron online” you will find a lot of saffron online shops. Beautiful pages those are designed by professional designers. Of course, some of them are beautiful than our saffron shop. Although, creating a gorgeous website is important, it is not the most important Saffronir advantages. In contrast, Our priority is to offer original Persian saffron in lowest price and delivery in fast way. In our opinion, Most important items to have a reasonable shop is price, originality, quality, and delivery. please check our prices here and compare it with other shops prices.


There is different ways to find out the originality of saffron. But, easiest way is to find that it comes from which country. Iran, India, Afghanistan, turkey, Greece, Spain, and some other countries are known as saffron producers. Anyway, it is possible that Persian saffron come from Spain, Italy, or etc. But, it is impossible that Spanish or Italian saffron come from Iran or Afghanistan. Am I right? So, if Sender of saffron is from Iran you could be pretty sure that it is Persian saffron. Now, you need to be sure about the quality.


When you decide to buy a product, quality is most challenging issue. why? its clear! because its hard to quantify the quality. Consequently, its hard to make a good comparison between different buyers. When, product is more expensive and special, the comparing is more hard and sensitive. Saffron quality definition is one of these sensitive jobs. Saffron is expensive and it is not a usual product.
As we described here, Stigma or “Sargol” (red part) “Pooshal” (from top part to the margin of red and white part), “Dasteh” (red and white parts together) and Konj (white part) are four kind of saffron. The reddest part have highest quality. Some buyers mix red and white parts and offer it as saffron. We, in Saffronir online shop offer only all red saffron. To know more about the quality definition of saffron, please watch following video.


Here is two options for saffron delivery. Free Shipment (2-3 Weeks) and Fast Shipment (3-5 Days). please note that in all cases shipment is free. Except fast shipment for 3 grams, 5 grams and free test packages.