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February 20, 2021
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February 20, 2021
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Cooking with saffron spice

Spices plays a key role in cooking that adds pleasure to sense of needing to eat. It means when we are hungry we eat to get energy and continue to be alive, but spices adds a varity of tastes to our food to make it enjoyable. In fact, using spices to flavor the food is most prominent difference between human eating and animals feeding.

Among many Diverse and colorful spices from different parts of world, Saffron well-known as the red king of spices.

Saffron that also known as red gold is the most expensive not only spice, even eatable thing over the world. It’s astonishing!

Since ancient time, saffron have been used in cooking and curing. Today, the amazing benefits of using saffron is proved in scientific researches and laboratories. Also, everyone who used saffron experienced relaxing and delightful effects of red gold. Here, we will talk about using saffron in cooking foods or desserts.

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How to use saffron in cooking

Before using saffron it’s very important to learn about the saffron preparation.

There is two way to prepare saffron. Soaked saffron or crushed saffron.

First of all define that how much saffron you need. In recipes, saffron amount is defined by gram, threads, pinch or teaspoon. For example, 2 grams, 25 threads, one pinch or, ½ teaspoon.

Note that one pinch is equal to 20 Threads of saffron, approximately. Each thread weight 0.002 gram. So, one pinch (20 saffron threads) is around 0.04 grams.

Anyway, the exact weight of each saffron thread depends on saffron type (Bunch, Pushal, Sargol, Negin, Super Negin).

Cooking with Soaked saffron threads

Soak the saffron threads in hot water or other liquid that you are using in cooking. Note to use hot water, not boiling water. By warm water saffron color and aroma will realize very good. If using milk in your recipe you could use warm milk instead of water. Then, wait for 10-20 minutes and finally add it to cooking food.

fake saffron
real saffron

By this, saffron will penetrate in food, ideally. Also, seeing saffron threads on food make it special and shows your guests that you used real saffron in cooking. Especially, this is important for restaurants to satisfy their customers and attract them.  

Generally, best time to add soaked saffron is the last 10 minute of cooking process. Anyway, if you cook according to a recipe follow the instruction.

Cooking with Crushed saffron

Saffron threads are so dried and thin. Thus, you could crush it by fingers, easily. Anyway, it’s better to use a mortar or pounder.

saffron usage
using saffron

By this, you will drive highest possible color and smell from saffron threads.

Best case of using crushed saffron is liquid foods or those use water or other fluids in recipe.

After making saffron powder by crushing the threads, add them to your food during cooking process. In this way, the saffron color and aroma will blend with other ingredients, perfectly.

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