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February 20, 2021
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Saffron is a spice with valuable gold and many properties. today it is offer in different names in the world markets. Iranian, Indian, Spanish and Afghan saffron can be consider the highest quality and most popular in the market. Saffron is very popular in the United States. but since the cultivation and growth of saffron requires special farms with a specific climate. it is not possible to produce it in all countries. For this reason, the United States has so far sourced its consumed saffron USA from exporting countries such as Iran, India and Spain.

 But now there are rumors of American saffron production indicating that this rich country. may not need to import saffron any time soon. But is this possible? What is American Saffron? Can American saffron be consider a competitor to Iranian saffron?

Saffron in USA

Saffron spice that is prepare from a purple flower call saffron flower. This flower does not grow normally in the United States. Because it requires special weather conditions. But researchers at the University of Vermont have conduct research on saffron flowers grown in Iran in order to create the conditions for planting and producing this flower on various farms in the United States.

There are now small farms in Indiana and California where saffron is grow. However, in order to create suitable conditions for the grow of this flower, greenhouse structures are need. which may be the reason why the quality of saffron produced in the United States is not as high as Iranian saffron.

However, sanctions have prevented Iran from supplying its quality saffron directly to US markets. On the other hand, saffron produced in other countries is very expensive if it has a high quality. Even if some countries offer saffron at a reasonable price, it will probably not have the quality of Iranian saffron. Given this, it is natural for Americans to look for a way to produce saffron domestically. and be able to supply at least part of their saffron consumption. In addition, saffron production can bring them significant economic benefits and put American brand names alongside other saffron brands in the world.

On the other hand, saffron is produce and supply in the United States. which many believe is not real saffron. instead of being produce from saffron flowers (Crocus), it is produce from a flower call Safflower. Although this saffron has the same color and many properties of real saffron, but its quality is far from the quality of imported saffron in the United States. American saffron, make from safflower, is often use to flavor tea and its healing properties, and sometimes to color foods such as rice. The color of saffron produce in the United States is make from Safflower flower, it is lighter and lighter than the original saffron color.

Saffron price in USA

Iranian saffron has many fans all over the world.

Saffron is not export to the United States because of sanctions and customs laws, but many saffron traders export it to the United States through other countries.

The price of each kilo of Iranian saffron has no fixed price. Because factors such as the type of saffron, quality, quantity, supply and demand, export volume and exchange rate are effective in its price.

Iranian saffron is also sold on some foreign sites for 2500 US dollars. Saffron is sold in large American chain stores at high prices and in stylish and beautiful packaging that attracts customers.

Best saffron in USA

The best type of saffron in the United States is the one in which the market is most in demand. With years of experience in producing and exporting saffron to different countries, we realized that every market demands a certain type of saffron and a certain quality of saffron. The best type of saffron in the United States is Iranian saffron. However, due to the problems of sanctions, this trade is possible with the presence of other countries.

Saffron online USA

Large farms are need to plant saffron from which spices can be produced. Because to produce each gram of saffron, about 300 saffron strands are need and to reach this number of saffron strands, at least 300 flowers must be harvested. Now imagine how many flowers and how much land are need for mass production of saffron.

Saffron is harvest manually in most countries. The flowers are arrange and the strings inside are separate by hand and then collect in a warehouse to dry. These steps also require labor, a convenient location away from direct sunlight, and dry air.

In addition, the more space there is for planting saffron, the more difficult it is to maintain. Therefore, it cannot be say that saffron can be produce as easily as a purple saffron flower can be planted in the garden. All this makes it difficult to produce saffron in countries other than those mentioned.

Can American saffron be consider a new competitor for Iranian saffron?

saffron USA is not yet know as an original saffron. Even in the United States, some consider it is fake saffron. Because, as it was said, it is offer in two types and the type that can be see in the markets more than the original saffron, which is prepare from Safflower orange flower instead of saffron flower. Although the color and aroma of this saffron is similar to the original saffron, but still does not have the quality of the original saffron for export.

It is not yet clear how much saffron can be grown on US farms and mass-produced. However, despite the advanced technologies and numerous experiments performed on this plant, it may not be too far away the day when American saffron can make a name for itself in the world markets and become a competitor for Iranian saffron and saffron from other countries. Become.

Export of Iranian saffron

Export is one of the best ways to increase the economic power of any country. In Iran, saffron is one of the best products that can be export, so the export of saffron can be a great help to create employment and currency for our country. More than 90% of the world’s saffron is produce in Iran and the purchase of saffron from Iran has the highest rank and more than 90% of these products are export abroad.

From ancient times to the present, the history of saffron is full of applications in traditional foods, beverages, and herbal remedies: from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas, bright red strings have been considered in cooking, spices, and a variety of beverages. The ancients believed that saffron could cure stomach aches, plagues and smallpox.

Why saffron is an expensive spice?

The reason for the high cost of saffron is the difficulty of manually extracting the number of stigmas that are the only part of the saffron plant that have the desired aroma and taste. To obtain a profitable yield of saffron, a large number of flowers are need. Obtaining 1 pound (0.45 kg) of dry saffron requires approximately 50,000 flowers, which should be plant on a field equivalent to a football field of about 7140 square meters. According to another estimate, 75,000 flowers are need to produce one pound of dried saffron. This number is significantly dependent on the stigma of each saffron plant. Another difficulty in obtaining saffron is the simultaneous and fleeting flowering of this plant. Since many saffron flowers must be fully grown, even harvesting very small amounts of dry saffron can be very difficult and involve about 40 hours of hard work.

Investigating the price of saffron in the world market

Saffron, know as red gold, is one of the agricultural products whose production is almost monopolize by Iranian farmers. but it is the only monopoly in the world that has no benefit for the monopolist and the share of Iranian farmers in the production and sale of this red gold is small. On the other hand, the monopoly of sales and profitability of this product is in the hands of other countries. including Spain, and more interestingly, the world does not recognize Iranian saffron as Iran.

Nearly 90% of the world’s saffron is produce in Iran and the production of this product has a long history in our country. but in the world, Iranian saffron is know by Spanish brands. Iranian saffron is know with packaging and brand of other countries. such as Spain and is priced at a minimum price of 90 million Tomans per kilogram. and in some cases up to 265 million Tomans per kilogram and is sold as a luxury product.

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