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December 6, 2020
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Persian Saffron Tea

Saffron Tea

Saffron Tea; Where The “Red King” meets “Black Swan”

Pleasure and health benefits are two side of drinking. For example, when you drink Vodka it would be 100 percent for pleasure, but probably you drink milk just for its health benefits.

Anyway, some drinks give you both of them in same time. Tea and Coffee are king and queen of this kind of drinks.

Historically, drinks play an important role in human health and pleasure. Water, the most important liquid of earth, is the base of other drinks like milk, coffee, juices, wine, beer, liquor, and tea. According to the culture and tradition of each region, people shows interest on different drinks. Also, in different countries, people use different ways to make these drinks. Anyway, during the history, mankind shared the experiences and methods. Today, you could make any kind of these drinks in more than 10 ways.

Tea known as the ancient drink and called “legend of east”.

Around 5000 years ago, Shen Nong the emperor of china accidentally discovered tea.

Today, people all over the world make and drink around 30 types of tea. Among these different types of tea, saffron tea is the most luxury and Soothing kind of tea. In this page, we will talk about saffron tea and tell you more details like Saffron tea benefits and side effects, saffron tea usages, where to buy and how to make saffron tea.

Saffron tea benefits

Probably, you are aware of tea benefits. Based on many studies, drinking tea improve immune system, fight inflammation and cancer. Of course, in first place human didn’t find these good reason. But, they feel it when drinking tea. During these 50 centuries, human find out these good effects by research and experience. Today, people know that each kind of tea have its positive sides. Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, white tea, fermented tea and yellow tea are 7 kind of most populated teas.

Persian Saffron Tea
Saffron Tea

Around of these tea types, black tea is the top used tea over the world. In fact, just for black tea people use the single word “Tea”. And, for other types you should tell the full name, like green tea” or “herbal tea”. In different part of world, people make and drink black tea in different ways and fragrant and sweet it by different spices on sweet things. Some of them are used for their health benefits and some of them just for make tea more enjoyable.

But saffron tea give you a fantastic mood, plus great health benefits.

In this part we will talk in detail about health benefits of saffron tea. Where the “Red King” meets “Black Swan”.

Health benefits of saffron tea

In previous posts, we talked about the health benefits of saffron. Also, you know about the black tea positive effects on health. These two amplify the overlapped effects like cancer fighting. Also, this combination offer a great anti-depressant outcome and give you an extraordinary mood. Just imagine a hot cup of tea with wonderful aroma of saffron. It would make you fresh and light-hearted.

Also it is proved that saffron and tea combination help to your heart to became healthier and help the PMS treatment. Experiments on mice shows that existing Crocin and Crocetin ingredients in saffron improve the memory and learning functions. Also, a new research in Newcastle University suggests that drinking up to two cup of tea per day may improve your memory.

So, saffron tea will deeply make positive changes in memory and learning functions of your brain. Like saffron, tea have cancer fighting effects, too. Clearly, saffron tea will give double cancer fighting power to different kind of cancer patients.

Saffron tea side effects

Like other useful and beneficial things, over using saffron tea have some side effects. As probably you know, drinking more than 3-4 cups of tea may lead to reduction in iron absorption. This side effect is more serious in women. Because ladies body needs continuous iron nourishment. Also, overusing tea increase stress and restlessness. So, if you drink tea before sleep, result would be poor sleep, probably.

saffron health

Moreover, some studies suggest Nausea, Heartburn, Pregnancy complications, Headaches, and Dizziness. Surprisingly, using saffron fights most of these tea side effects. Anyway, using saffron frequently, make some other health side effects. Although, using saffron is safe for most people, high consumption of this spice may bring dry mouth, drowsiness, and change in appetite. Also, like other spices, it’s probable that shows some allergic reactions in some people.

To sum up, it seems that drinking 1 or tea cup of saffron tea could be perfect for human health, without any side effect.

Where to buy saffron tea

Over the internet you could find some online shops those offer saffron tea packs. Anyway, it’s really hard to define the quality and originality of offered saffron tea by offline and online shops. So, we suggest to order saffron and tea, separately. Then, you could make it in your home easily.

persian saffron
persian saffron
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