Saffron sale size

Export of saffron for food and medicine has been common since ancient times. Iran supplies more than 95% of the world’s saffron and is the world’s largest saffron exporter. In fact, Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. Iranian saffron is also known as the best type of this plant in the world. In this article, we examine the saffron markets, the size of saffron sales and the necessary standards for saffron exports. now we want talk a bout Saffron sale size.

Saffron is the most expensive agricultural product in Iran that grows in tropical climates. The most important saffron production areas in Iran are Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan provinces. Planting of this crop in other provinces of the country such as North Khorasan, Kerman and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is done sporadically. Saffron sale size in Iran is flexible.

In recent years, the production of this plant in Spain and Afghanistan has been limited.

saffron sale size , Import and export

The top exporters of saffron in the world in 2017 are Iran ($ 114 million). Spain ($ 63.2 million), Afghanistan ($ 18.4 million), Greece ($ 6.97 million) and France ($ 6.42 million).

Top importers of saffron include Spain ($ 54.7 million), Hong Kong ($ 20.8 million). the United States ($ 18 million), Italy ($ 16.7 million) and India ($ 16.6 million).

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What are the stages of saffron export in Iran?

Export of saffron, like other goods, has its own stages. The stages of saffron export in Iran are as follows:

Export marketing

Buy or produce high quality saffron

Professional packaging of saffron for export in different sale sizes

Having a standard certificate and plant health

And at the end of customs formalities and sending saffron to the destination country

saffron sale size and Export of saffron to Spain

One of the major importers of Iranian saffron is Spain. Spain buys saffron at a low price. after processing the product and packaging it with the Spanish brand, exports it to all over the world.

import and export of saffron in Spain, we will see that saffron sale size in Spain is very limited. In this way, it generates billions of dollars in foreign exchange reserves annually.

Export of saffron to Turkey

Part of Iranian saffron is exported to Turkey. Turkish people are not very familiar with saffron. if you visit Turkish, Arabic, Indian and Iranian restaurants in Turkey and visit a meal, you will see that they use Iranian saffron in many of their dishes.

according to the Turkish spice market trader, tourists in the Persian Gulf are very interested in buy Iranian saffron in all sale sizes.

Export of saffron to Oman

Saffron exports to Oman have attracted the attention of many traders. Saffron is use in the food, pharmaceutical, health and cosmetic industries in this country.

this spice has compounds such as crocin, picrocrocin and safranal.

they have antioxidant properties and saffron is use in the production of medicine.

Export of saffron to other countries

Iran has close trade relations with Afghanistan and this country can be a good market for Iranian saffron. In addition, India still has good potential for export due to the import of saffron.

The amount of saffron exports to this country is very different from the amount needed, in fact, the remaining export capacity to India is worth $ 15.1 million.

Saffron uses and benefits

Saffron has been use for medicinal and culinary purposes since ancient times and these benefits have been proven by scientific research. The properties of Iranian saffron are so great for healing and beauty that it has earned the title of red gold, properties that have been mentioned many times in various books of traditional medicine.

Saffron is hematopoietic and improves the circulatory system, consumption of saffron eliminates postpartum hemorrhage, strengthens sexual power, purifies and strengthens the liver, saffron tea relieves cough. Eat saffron if you want to be happy and full of energy.

Iranian saffron sale size

Saffron sale size and Export is one of the best ways to increase the economic power of any country. In Iran, saffron is one of the best products that can be export, so the export of saffron can be a great help to create employment and currency for our country. More than 90% of the world’s saffron is produce in Iran and the purchase of saffron from Iran has the highest rank and more than 90% of these products are export abroad.

From ancient times to the present, the history of saffron is full of applications in traditional foods, beverages, and herbal remedies: from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas, bright red strings have been considered in cooking, spices, and a variety of beverages. The ancients believed that saffron could cure stomach aches, plagues and smallpox.

Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world

The reason for the high cost of saffron is the difficulty of manually extracting the number of stigmas that are the only part of the saffron plant that have the desired aroma and taste. To obtain a profitable yield of saffron, a large number of flowers are needed. Obtaining 1 pound (0.45 kg) of dry saffron requires approximately 50,000 flowers, which should be plant on a field equivalent to a football field of about 7140 square meters. According to another estimate, 75,000 flowers are need to produce one pound of dried saffron. This number is significantly dependent on the stigma of each saffron plant. Another difficulty in obtaining saffron is the simultaneous and fleeting flowering of this plant. Since many saffron flowers must be fully grow, even harvesting very small amounts of dry saffron can be very difficult and involve about 40 hours of hard work.

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