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January 9, 2021
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Saffron Rice

In many regions of world, especially eastern part, rice plays an important role in food industry. From quantity and quality point of views, south eastern countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia known as best producers of rice in the world. Anyway, some other countries like United States, China, India and Persia cultivate saffron in lower level. Infect, these countries produce rice for their people consumption, not for exportation.

Among all rice producer countries Iran and India are famous for saffron production, too.

Anyway, it’s clear that the quality of Persian saffron is so much higher than Indian saffron. So, if you want to experience the best saffron-rice of world, we suggest to use Thai rice with Persian saffron. Of course, you should have the recipe in first place. In this page, we will give you more information about saffron rice and will talk about saffron rice recipe and price.

Saffron Rice Recipe

There is many ways to cook rice and also using saffron on it. Here, we explain the Persian method for cooking saffron rice. In first step, you should prepare the materials.

To make saffron rice, you need 1 cup of rice 0.1 gram Persian saffron for each person. Also you need 1-2 table spoon oil and 1 teaspoon salt for 5 person. To make the saffron rice yummier it’s better to prepare 1-2 tablespoon barberry. 

To start, pour the rice over a flat board or dish to see all rice seeds and remove non-rice particles. It takes 1-2 minutes for each kilogram. Now, rinse the rice with warm water two or three times. To rinse the rice, put the rice in a bowl and pour warm water on it and rinse. These process will remove all the dust and dirt from rice. Next, pour water on wet rice and let it remain for 20-30 minute. For 1 kg rice, 3-4 glass of water is enough.

Now, rinse the water and put the wet rice in a pot. Put pot on the very light fire and add oil and salt. Wait to see that rice became dry and water become steamed. To save the steam cover the pot lid with a towel or fabric. Steam will help that rice to be cooked, perfectly.

Now, it’s time to prepare saffron and barberry. For saffron, soak a tiny pinch of saffron threads in water and wait for 20-30 minutes. Then, add the colored water and soaked saffron threads to rice. It’s better to soak the saffron before starting to cook and taste and smell of saffron would be released better if you grind it before soaking.

Saffron preparation
Saffron preparation

For barberry, put a tablespoon oil in pan and rinse 2 tablespoon barberry to it. Put the pan on light fire for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse the barberries from oil and use them to decorate the saffron rise. Mostly, Persian people use this method to make saffron rice and serve it with chicken. This combination is one of most popular foods in Middle East and specially Persia. Bon appetite!

Saffron Rice Price

As saffron known as the most expensive spice in the world, restaurant owners see it as an opportunity to put a high price in menu for saffron rice. When you order saffron rice in a European or American restaurant, it would cost something around 30 to 40 US dollar. But, if you cook it at home, it would be much cheaper.  

To cook saffron rice for 5 persons, 0.5 gram of Persian saffron costs 5-10 USD, 30 grams barberry costs 2-4 USD and 600-700 grams rice costs 5-10 USD. So, it would cost around 20-25 USD for 5 persons.

Anyway, the exact price depends on your location and the online or offline store that you buy these staff. For example, As Persia is the producer of saffron, rice and barberry, the price of these materials is very low in this country and Persian people cook saffron rice for 5 person with 3-4 USD. But in Switzerland, it would cost at least 30 Euro.

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