Saffron in Restaurants

Coloring has always been an integral part of cooking. Eatable color in food are like additive, and mostly are pigment part of plant. However, there are synthetic color as well. Restaurants use color in most of their foods and drinks. Saffron is one of very popular color which is used in food coloring in restaurants.

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What do restaurants use saffron for?

Despite the fact that Saffron is a heavily expensive and luxury spice, restaurant use it as a reason of its exceptional taste and color. Restaurant needs their food to has special looks, color and taste in order to make customers satisfied. In most of the cases restaurants look for kind of saffron which has best capability for food coloring. While there will be no needed for sustainable use due to expensive saffron price. Because of that restaurants prefer to use cheaper part of saffron. Such as Pushal and Narme saffron because it has reasonable price in comparison to Negin saffron. As much as the color of the saffron strands be white the food coloring and the taste will be lees. So it is a big concern for restaurants to buy the saffron which has the best quality.

Persian saffron has the best quality around the word.

Since Persian saffron strands do not have white part, impurity and it has best price, Persian saffron has become the best choice for restaurant to use it in their dishes. Many people seeking for another additive instead of saffron such as Turmeric, Safflower and Annatto. However, they can replicate the color of the saffron. Noun of them have the same fantastic taste, color and amore of saffron.

Saffron makes Restaurant’s foods special

Eating food is one of the important pleasers for one as a reason going to restaurants has become one of people entertainments. Because of that restaurant try to specializes their dishes in verity ways such as adding new food recipes. like foreigner meal, good environment. for example by making roof garden, and adding food coloring such as adding synthetic and natural color such as saffron.

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Most of the restaurants use color in their food to make their food very special and different from their competitors. Restaurants are able to create stunning experience of using Persian Saffron by its aroma for their customers. They can use saffron in their main dishes, mean while they can use saffron in drinks and dessert to makes their menu special. Using of Persian saffron in foods has both food coloring and can add pleasant taste to restaurant foods.

At the same time restaurants are able to use saffron in cold drinks such as cocktails as well as in warm drinks like saffron Coffee and saffron tea.

Saffron dessert such as Shole Zard and Saffron Ice cream could help restaurant to introduce special dessert to their customer in order to attract them. In addition, using of saffron in food has reliable benefit for health of people who use it in their meal. It is hard to ignore saffron magical benefit beside its wonderful taste and color. It can be used in every day meal. As a mater of fact using of saffron in foods makes the food more nutritious and special for the people who would like to go to that restaurant.

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