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February 20, 2021
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Saffron uses in cooking
February 20, 2021
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Saffron Food Recipes

Indeed, this website belongs to Ms. Sanam Lamborn an Iranian chef who currently lives in Los Angles. In summary, she described the step-by-step procedure of saffron preparation for saffron food, drinks or desserts:


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Saffron rice – Saffron shop

Saffron Rice

Obviously, In Iranian routine foods, rice is using in different shapes, forms and ways. Generally, Most of time Iranian chefs use saffron to fragrant, decorate, garnish and beautify the rice and use saffron benefits in same time.
So, to have Saffron Rice recipe click on following links.


Saffron chicken

Certainly, Chicken is one of the most popular foods over the world and everywhere you could find it not expensive. While, to make it yummy the smell of the chicken should be covered with species or vegetables. notably, Cooking chicken with saffron make it extra-ordinary, super delicious and tasty.
To have Saffron chicken recipe click on one of the following links:


Saffron Risotto

Could you imagine this savory Italian food with excellent taste of saffron? Probably, you tasted it before with butter, wine, and onion. Now, Eventually, Please add saffron to the ingredients.
To have Saffron Risotto recipe click on one of the following links:


Qabali – Afghani Rice

In fact, This recipe is one of the Afghani ways to cook rice. Indeed, it’s a rice dish with saffron, that’s very popular and very delicious. Generally, serve with a nice meat sauce.
To have Qabali recipe click on one of the following links:


Sweet Potato Tartlets with Cardamom-Saffron Yogurt

Although, Saffron can be a pricey spice to use, its delicate flavor can’t be replicated and its carotenoids are credited with cancer-fighting powers. Significantly, in this healthy tart recipe, saffron gives the topping a beautiful golden hue.


Lentils Rice with saffron


Rice: 1kg

Mutton: 0.5 kg

Lentils: 750 g

Oil: 200 g

Pitted saffron: 0.5 g

Onions: 1 medium size


After washing the rice several times, soak it with some salt.

Wash the meat and put in a pan.

Peel the onion, shred and pour into the pan.

After adding three glasses of water, wait until it is fully cooked. At the end, add some salt.

Cook the lentils separately.

Empty the rice brine.

In a bowl proportioned to the amount of rice, pour about three-quarters of the water and wait until it boils.

Now, Pour the rice into the puddle and check for a while until it has softened.

Then, Pour the rice into the drain and pour some water on it.

Next, Pour some liquid oil and half a teaspoon of water into the bottom of the boiler.

Arrange the rice with the skimmer and then pour the lentils into the pot.

Put the pot on fire and brew it. Sprinkle some of the saffron water on it after brewing.

Pour meat and rice into separate plates.

Broad bean saffron rice with meat


Rice: 1 kg

Broad Beans: 3 kg

Dill: 1 kilo

Mutton: 1.5 kg

Oil: 200 g

Pitted saffron: 0.5 g


Soak the rice.

Separate the beans from the two skins.

Chop the meat and wash it.

Cook the meat with 1-2 glasses of water and one chopped onion and add a little salt. So that after cooking remain there a glass of water.

Clean and wash the dill and shred it.

Pour water in the appropriate pot and let it boil.

Pour the rice into the pot and add the beans.

If the bean is large and long, it should be boiled before adding rice.

When the beans are slightly cooked and the rice kernels are slightly softened, pour into the pot.

Immediately pour the rice into the drain.

Then pour three to four tablespoons of oil and half a teaspoonful of boiling water.

Pour half the rice into the pot.

Grab the big bones of meat and put the meat on the rice. Cover the meat with the rest of the rice. Raise the rice around the cone.

Boil the oil and mix it with water of meat and pour over the rice surface.

Brew the rice on the fire and Sprinkle some of the saffron water on it after brewing.

You can also use dried green broad bean. In this case, 350 grams of dried broad bean is enough for this amount. Soak the beans for three hours in cold water and let it cook slightly.

When the rice is drained, mix it with the dill.

chicken Kibab with Saffron


Chicken fillet: 250 grams per person

Lemon juice: 2 to 3 tbsp

Pitted saffron 0.5 g

Salt: as desired

Pepper: as desired

Onions: 1 medium size per person


Chop the chicken fillet s and mix for a while with chopped onion, lemon juice, saffron and salt and pepper. Skew the chicken pieces to skewers. Put the skewers on the fire. Make sure both sides are evenly grilled.

Sweet  Saffron Rice


Rice: 1 kg

Chicken: 2 kg

Almonds: 100 g

Pistachio slice: 50 g

Fresh orange or bitter orange slice: 0.5 kg

Sugar: 1 kg

Pitted saffron: 0.25 g

Oil: 150 g

Pepper: As desired

Salt: As desired


One day before, Boil orange slice twice and pour in cold water. Change the water two or three times to remove its bitterness.

Then pour in the colander to separate it from the water.

Boil the sugar with three glasses of water. Now pour it colander.

Pour un-bitter orange slice inside the syrup to make a few boils and sweeten the kernel.

Carefully clean and wash the chicken and let it cook.

Then strain the chicken water and add the saffron.

Chop the chicken and remove its bones.

Now drain the rice.

Pour 2-3 tablespoons of oil and half a glass of water to make scorched rice.

Pour half of the drainage rice into the pot.

Get out the slice from the syrup and pour over the rice.

Rinse half of the almonds slices and pour over the orange slices.

Sprinkle 2-3 Skimmer of rice on slices.

Put the chicken pieces on the rice and put the rest of the rice on the chicken and set on fire.

Sprinkle the chicken water with a little syrup and saffron and oil on rice and let the rice to stew.



Rice: 1kg

Lamb: 1.5 kg (or chicken: 1 kg)

Greek Yogurt: 1 kg

Saffron: 1 tablespoon

Oil: 200 g

Eggs: 4-6 eggs

Saffron food - Saffron shop


Cook chicken or lamb and remove its bones.

Dissolve the saffron in hot water and stir in the yogurt.

Mix half the dissolved saffron with a little salt and pepper. Then sprinkle it with three egg yolks into the yogurt.

Put chicken or lamb in yogurt.

Drain the rice.

In the bottom of an ovenproof dish, put 2-3 egg yolks, half the oil and 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt in the meat.

Pour the 2-3 skimmer of rice into the pan and smooth the bottom with a spoon.

Place some meat on the rice.

Pour some rice over it.

Pour the rest of the meat over the rice and cover with rice.

Press with a little spoon to stick together.

Add the rest of the saffron and three tablespoons of the oil and the rest of the yogurt to the mixture. And pour over the rice.

Bake in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or on fire for 90 minutes.


ingredients :

Flour: 1 kg

Sugar: 750 g

Oil: 750 g

Pitted saffron: 2-3 g

Water: 800-1000 cc

Rose water: 80-100 cc


Pour oil in a pan and heat. Whenever the pan is hot, add flour and heat lightly.

Stir constantly until the flour is completely fried and turns brown.

Then mix the sugar with water and boil until completely dissolved.

Pour the rosewater and saffron into the syrup and then pour the mixture into the fried flour. Note that at this step the flour should be removed from the heat.

Stir well so that flour absorb the syrup, and see halva oil.

If the mixture was a bit loose, warm it for a few minutes over medium heat to allow it to became a little stiff.

After pouring, the halva syrup should not be over heat for long time. Because it becomes dry and stiff.

Serve the hot halva on the dish and decorate it with almonds and pistachios slices.

Meat Roulette


Minced meat: 1 kg

Milk: Necessary

Eggs: 5 pcs

Large onion: 1 pcs

Bread crumbs: as needed

Toast: 3-4 sheets

Olive oil: as needed

Pitted saffron: 1 tbsp

Salt and pepper: as needed

Oil: 1 tbsp

Walnut: 50 g

Barberry: as needed

Almonds and Pistachios slices: as needed

Eaten parsley: as needed


Poured the toast dough into the milk to make it soft. Then rinse the toast. Now mix the dough with the meat, onions, eggs, salt and pepper and mix well.

If it is loose, add some bread crumbs.

Then add the Pitted saffron that is dissolved in water.

In this step to prepare the Akuri of middle roulette,  mix well 3 eggs with the saffron.

Add the oil and put in the microwave at 100% power for 30 seconds.

Then turn around the Akuri and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.

Now open an aluminum sheet and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Then spread the meat on it and pour the Akuri in the middle of the meat. Finally, wrap the meat in a cylindrical manner with aluminum foil. Now tighten the meat well.

Then grease the container and put on it the roulette without aluminum paper. Pour a little olive oil over it and place in the microwave for 20 minutes.

This saffron roll can be served with a sauce.

Carrot Stew


To cook this saffron food we need:

Chicken: 1 middle

Fried onion: 2-3 tablespoons

Carrots: 1 kg

Dried Prune: 250 g

Pitted saffron: Half a teaspoon

Sugar: 1-2 tablespoons


Fry the chicken with onion and cook with 3 glasses of water.

Chop the carrots and fry in a little oil.

Now pour it into the meat with the washed prune and let it cook.

Dissolve the saffron in boiling water and sprinkle with a little salt, pepper and sugar.

Wait until the stew is completely oiled.

If you like, you can add a little lemon juice to make it stew.

Saffron rice with Vegetable

ingredients :

To make saffron rice with vegetable we need following ingredients:

Rice: 500 g

Vegetable (leek, parsley, coriander, dill, a little fenugreek): 1 kg

Oil: 100 g

Pitted saffron: 1 teaspoon


First, Soak the rice a few hours before.

Next, Clean and wash the Vegetables thoroughly. And, Pour the Vegetables into the drain to make sure the water is completely sealed.

Now, Chop the Vegetables completely.

Then, Drain the rice and make it slightly thicker.

Pour the bottom of the pot into 1-2 tablespoons of oil and a glass of water.

Slowly pour the rice into the pot and sprinkle the chopped vegetables gradually over the rice.

Finally, Pour 1–2 tablespoons of oil,  a glass of water and pitted saffron over the rice and bake on medium heat.

Split Pea Cutlet with Saffron

ingredients :

Lean boneless thigh meat: 500 Gr

split pea (cotyledon): 500 Gr

Egg: 5 pcs

Powdered saffron: 1 teaspoon

Baking soda: 1 tablespoon

Onion: 1-2 pcs

Salt: as desired

Pepper: as desired


First, Cut and wash the meat. Next, place it on a gentle flame with chopped onion without water. Bake until the meat is tender and the onion become soft.

Cook the split pea with salt and water until the water is completely steamed.

Mince the meat-onion mixture. Then add the split pea and mince again.

Break the eggs in another pan and stir a little.

Dissolve the baking soda in 1-2 tablespoons of cold water and add to the eggs and add the powdered saffron at the end.

Pour the cooled meat and split pea into the eggs and cook well.

Pour a lot of oil into the pan. After the oil is heated, take about the size of a tangerine from the material with a wet hand and open the middle to make it like a circle. Drill a hole in the middle and pour it in the hot oil.

Note that the oil should  completely cover the cutlet.

After frying, put the cutlet in a strainer to remove any excess oil.

Six Kebab with Saffron


Minced meat or fillet: 1 kg

Bell pepper: 2 pcs

Small white onion: 250 g

Small tomatoes: 12 pcs

Yogurt: 1 cup

Grated onion: 1 tbsp

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp

Pitted saffron: 1 teaspoon

Pepper: 1 teaspoon


Dissolve the saffron in a little boiling water and pour into the yogurt.

Grate the onion, add the pepper and lemon juice to it and stir.

Cut the meat into small cubes and mix in our yogurt and saffron for 10-12 hours.

Peel the onions and chop the bell peppers.

Drag meat, pepper, tomatoes and onions to skewer and lightly grill it on the barbecue.

Sprinkle some salt on the kebabs and put some butter on it.

Serve the kebabs in a dish.


Shole-Zard is an Persian soft dish consisting of rise, saffron and sugar. This sweet meal is yellow because of used saffron on it. Zard means yellow in Persian language and Shole is something like soup but a little different. So,  after cooking you will have a yellow soup that is sweet, saffron fragrant and lovely.


Rice: 1 kg

Sugar: 250 g

Oil: 150 g

Powdered saffron: 8-10 grams

Rose water: 150 g

Almonds slice: 150 g

Pistachio slice: 150 g

Cinnamon: 2-3 tbsp


wash the rice with water and cook it with water to boil. The water amount should be six times more than rice amount.

When the rice is softened, add the sugar and stir thoroughly.

If it is too thick, add 1-2 cups of warm water.

Then add the dissolved saffron in water and the oil to it.

Add about half of the almonds to the mixture and stir well.

Then lower the heat until it Cooks completely.

At the end, pour the Shole-Zard into the dish and decorate with almonds and pistachios.

Bon appetit!

Cauliflower Cutlet


Average cauliflower: 1 pcs

Eggs: 6 pcs

Fried onion: 2-3 tablespoons

Oil: 100 g

Powdered saffron: a teaspoon

Baking soda: a teaspoon


Pour some water in a pot and add some salt into it. Put it  on the flame until it boils.

Separate the cauliflower flowers and pour them in boiling water to cook.

Then pour it in a strainer and let its water go completely. Now squash it with a little fork.

Break the eggs and mix them with a little salt and pepper.

Then sprinkle the saffron and add the Baking soda to the mixture.

Add chopped onions and cauliflower to the eggs and mix well.

Then Pour oil on a pan and put it on the fire. Let it be on the fire until it became completely hot.

Now pour the mixture into it.

After frying one side, turn it over so that the other side became fried and roasted.

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