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Here, We offer you different types of powders. Of course, not usual powders. We flavor these powders with Persian saffron. We use original and organic saffron in all of these powders. We are sure that anyone else doesn't offer you these unique products.

Meanwhile, you could probably find saffron in other online shops. But it is impossible to find Kentucky Saffron Powder, Saffron Dessert Powder, Saffron Cake Powder, or Saffron Jelly Powder in the market. We offer all of them here. I hope you enjoy it!

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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Dessert Powder
Used saffron in this dessert will color your dining table and create a pleasant taste. In addition, due to the presence of Safranal, Crocin, and Picrocrocin in saffron, gives you a sense of vitality and freshness.The net weight of this delicious dessert powder is 70 grams, and it's enough ..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Cake Powder
Imagine a lovely afternoon, watching the sunset and holding a cup of coffee or tea in your hand. Now, add a piece of cake with the pleasant smell of saffron. What else do you want from your life? Here, we want to have our share of creating lovely moments in your life. Saffron Cake Powder h..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Jelly Powder
The saffron in saffron jelly, coloring tables and food and creating a hearty taste due to the presence of saffron helps to develop a sense of vitality and freshness...
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Kentucky Powder
Kentucky Saffron Powder is very effective for making foods crispy and improving the frying process. This product helps you to use less oil when frying fish, chicken, mushrooms, etc. Moreover, the saffron used in this powder helps to remove depression symptoms.Used ingredients in Kentucky Saffron Pow..
Saffron powder - 5 gr Saffron powder - 5 gr
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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Saffron powder
We prepare "Saffron powder" from high-quality Sargol saffron by grinding it into excellent and uniform particles, which makes its color and flavor (effective compounds) ultimately released when dissolved in water.By using saffron powder, you no longer need to spend time grinding and brewing saffron...
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