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What is the price of each kilo of export saffron? What is the price of a kilo of saffron today? Which countries have the highest statistics of saffron exports? What is the price of saffron abroad? In this article, we are going to explain about the range of saffron price in 2020.

The price of high quality saffron in 2020

Saffron is one of the products which quality can be distinguish from its price. The exact price of saffron depends entirely on its quality and type. To know its price, you must first select its type. range of saffron price in 2020, depends on many factors.

Which countries have the most saffron exports?

European and Asian countries love the aroma and taste of saffron and are the destination of Iranian saffron exports. Saffron is one of the most valuable and high quality agricultural products in our country, which is famous all over the world and has its own customers.

The biggest buyers of saffron in Iran are the United Arab Emirates and Spain.

Georgia, Oman, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Argentina, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong were also major buyers of Iranian saffron last year.

How to export saffron abroad and range of saffron price in 2020

Saffron is exported in bulk and packaged. In bulk saffron exports, saffron is actually packaged in 500 gram weights and then shipped. Exports of packaged saffron also vary from half a gram to one kilogram.

In order to export saffron, it is necessary to have a business card, obtain health and standard licenses and submit these licenses to the customs of the place where the saffron is issued.

If you do not have licenses, you can export through licensed companies.

Overseas saffron prices:

Iranian saffron has many fans around the world due to its high quality and unique flavor.

The price of saffron abroad is several times its price in the country, for example, the price of each kilo of saffron in Italy has been reported up to 28 million Tomans.

Different types of saffron have different prices and Negin saffron is the most luxurious and precious type of saffron. After Negin saffron, Sargol saffron for export is one of the best-selling types of export saffron due to its high quality.

The price of each kilogram of export saffron is cheaper than the price of each kilogram of Negin export saffron.

buy saffron
buy saffron

In each country, due to the consumption of saffron in various industries, a certain type of saffron may have more fans, for example, in European countries, Negin saffron and in Arab countries, straw saffron has more fans. The price of exported saffron also depends on the agreement between you and the buyer and is not subject to any special law.

Saffron price forecast in 2020:

Annually, 200 to 300 tons of dry saffron is produced in Iran, of which more than 50% of its volume is exported abroad. Saffron is a precious product and its export has caused fluctuations in currency prices and the dollar exchange rate to affect the price of saffron.

Due to the increase in the exchange rate compared to the previous year, Iranian traders turned more to saffron and sought to increase the exchange rate; The rial price of saffron has increased and caused the price of saffron to increase in the domestic market.

Factors affecting the price of saffron are:

Time to buy saffron

Supply and demand

Saffron export rate

Customs tariffs

Percentage of tax collected

Type and quality of saffron

With the increase in rainfall in the 2020, if saffron production increases, we will face an increase in the supply of saffron to the market. With a proportional increase in demand for saffron; The possibility of increasing the price of saffron will not be unexpected.

How to buy bulk saffron?

When buying saffron in bulk, it is important that the buyer can see a sample of saffron up close and after confirming its quality; Buy saffron in bulk.

In our store, it is possible for major buyers of saffron to request a sample of a few grams of saffron before buying a kilo of saffron. In addition, according to the customer’s request, a saffron analysis sheet will be send to purchase a kilo of saffron.

Since a lot of money is paid for the bulk purchase of saffron, the buyer of saffron is concerned that the saffron is genuine and of high quality.

The saffron offer in our store goes to the laboratory and is evaluate in terms of coloring power, crocin percentage, safranal, moisture content and other international standards. The test results are presented to the customer in the form of a product analysis sheet.

Saffron prices in the world market

As mentioned above, the price of saffron in European countries and the world market depends on various factors. In addition to the above, other factors affect the price of saffron in the world market.

What is the capacity of the destination country to import saffron?

Which type of saffron is in greater demand?

Which quality of saffron is more in demand?

For what purpose is saffron to be sold?

What is the type of contract between the parties?

What is the transaction amount of saffron?

Which kind of services are provided?

Which saffron analyzes does it have?

What is the type of saffron packaging?

And other factors that all affect the price of saffron. For information on the exact price of saffron, you can contact the numbers on the website. now you know about range of saffron price in 2020.

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