Saffron 15 grams (3.66 € per gram) Ordinary Box

Saffron 10 g (5.99 € per gr) Gift Box
May 1, 2018
Saffron 50 grams (3.11 € per gram)-Ordinary Box
February 2, 2019
(16 customer reviews)


Saffron 15 grams: 54.9 €

First Grade Persian Saffron

Outstanding Pricing

Easy Payment

100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% Pure and original Persian Saffron

Super Negin Type

5-7 Days Worldwide Delivery

Saffron 15 grams (3.66 Euro per gram) – Ordinary Box

First Grade Persian Saffron

Based on our experience, most saffron users heard the saffron name alongside “Persian”. Its normal and seems logical. Because, Persia is the original land of saffron. Today, around 90 percent of world saffron is supplied by Persian saffron producers in Persian Lands. During last decade, e in Saffronir Co. are trying to supply saffron End-Users by highest quality of Persian saffron. Its our pleasure to get positive feedback from our lovely costumers about the astonishing taste and smell of offered saffron.


Outstanding Pricing

The product pricing is one of important items that our visitor talk about it. Everyday during last decade, we look for a way to reduce costs to be able to offer first grade Persian saffron in lowest possible price. Fortunately or Unfortunately there was many extra expenses. Anyway, We minimized these charges during last decade. We reduced shipping cost by signing long contract with DHL and TNT. Also, we minimized packaging costs by designing optimum packages.

By these, we claim that we are able to highest quality of Persian saffron by lowest possible price. You are free to check the price on the market. But its impossible to find lower price in same quality. If you find lower price, we will send you a free 5 gram package as a gift.



Today, Paypal with more than 300 millions active users is the most popular payment method in online shopping world. This is the rason that we set Paypal as our payment method in

Anyway, If you dont have a Paypal account, DONT WORRY! you don’t need to create a Paypal account. Just click on “Proceed to Paypal” button and do the payment process as a Paypal guest. In this case, you are free to finish the payment by your credit cards like Mastercard, Visacard, American Express, etc.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Although, We guarantee the quality of offered Persian saffron, There is a solution in case of any dissatisfaction. If you don’t became satisfied by the quality of saffron, packaging, delivery or even without a reason just let us know. We will send back 100% of your payment. In this case just send an email to “” we will refund your payment completely.


100% Pure and original Persian Saffron

There is many suppliers who claim that they offer original persian saffron. But, some of them sell Indian or Spanish saffron as Persian saffron. Saffronir Co.  located in “Tehran” the capital of Persia and have office in “Mashad” the second city of Persia, too. Moreover, the all managing team members are from Persia. It shows that 90 percent of company is Persian and its clear that a Persian company located in Persia offer original Persian saffron, Not Indian saffron or other countries saffron.



Super Negin Type

When you want to buy saffron, note the saffron type. As you probably Know, there is 5 types of saffron offered in the offline and online market. Bounch, Pushal, Sargol, Negin, and Super Negin are saffron types that could order. Bounch is red-white saffron threads and other types are all red saffron. Among of 4 different types of all red saffron, Super Negin is the top one. In contrast with other types, Super Negin strings are thicker, longer and redder than other types. Plus physical features, Super Negin aroma and smell is stronger. In fact, high level of Crocin, Safranal, and Picrocrocin in Super Negin type make its smell and color amazing.

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3-5 Days Worldwide Delivery

Delivery is one of the most important issues in online shopping. Today, thanks to express queries like DHL and TNT we deliver saffron orders in 3-5 days. From our offices in Persia, Germany and Italy we are able to send saffron to worldwide End Users. Also, we will open our office in North America in coming months.

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Buy saffron

Product Table





Saffronir Co.


15 grams (0.53 Ounce)


Super Negin



Highest quality

Origin Country



4-5 Working days

7-10 working days For North and South America

EXpress Company


Most of the time by DHL


49.9 Euro (60.8 USD or 45 Pound)

Price Per gram

3.33 Euro (4.05 USD or 3 Pound)

Payment Method


If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry. You could pay as a Paypal guest with credit cards.

Money Back Guaranty

100 %, Immediately

Package dimension

13 x 13 x 5

L x W x H (in Centimeters)


16 reviews for Saffron 15 grams (3.66 € per gram) Ordinary Box

  1. Maggie Artsi

    I tested the purity!
    its excellent

  2. Promise Yan

    the package design is ordinary. but, smell and taste is great

  3. laszlo lang

    Hello Saffronir,
    Many thanks for fast delivery. Good Luck

  4. nikolay bazli

    color and flavor is very good. price is wonderful

  5. susan


  6. Fernando Brogly

    How many days it takes to deliver in SPAIN, MADRID?

    • میثم مهران فر

      Hi Dear Costumer,

      Good Day!

      It takes 2-3 weeks by General Shipping and 5-7 days by Fast Shipping.

      Good Luck
      Saffronir Support Team

  7. Cornelia Haber

    Good Job!

  8. Niloofar Hashemi

    I have been using Saffron for more than 15 years and have never been satisfied with the routine available saffron in local stores. But Persian Saffron is very different. Their price is fair and their saffron quality was perfect .I will buy again soon.

  9. christina seth

    I was pleasantly surprised when I received the product. The last time I had saffron like this was 36 years ago in Iran. This is the real deal. The 14 gram is the best deal per gram and well worth it.

  10. Scott Blackwell

    Got it for my wife, for the baby as she is pregnant and the doctor suggested the consumption. She loved their saffron quality and definitely we are going to go for more.

  11. Katie Klimi

    I tried once and quality is amazing … you have to try it for once at least than you can compare it!

  12. Tiffany V.

    This is good-looking and aromatic saffron. Well packaged and arrived quickly. I will buy more when this is gone.

  13. Joy Grogansgoat

    I have tried several other brands and different regions saffron came from but so far the best quality of saffron I have got a hold off. I have ordered several times already and still loving it.

  14. andrew Malde

    It is strong and gives a brilliant yellow tea. The strands keep their colour even after steeping. Will buy again

  15. Oliver McConville

    great service, website easy to use, I would recommend to friends, order arrived exactly when it said it would.

  16. roberto franzoni

    i got my saffron in Turin in five days. Mille Grazie!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Robert Baeumler

    The new package seems better than old one. the old one was crazy!!!!

  18. Kurt Laso

    How I could get a free sample? I like to test the quality and then order 15 or maybe 100 grams.

  19. Valentina Fernandez

    I want to order 15 g pack. But, I don’t have a Paypal account. Is there any other way to do the payment? How many days it takes to deliver in Buenos Aires, Argentina?
    Please answer my questions as soon as possible

  20. Sophie Garcon

    I got my order from you and want to use it to cook saffron rice. How I should use it? Is it OK if I put some saffron thread on rice and stir? Or should use it in another way?

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