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Here, you are able to buy first grade Persian saffron through Saffronir online saffron shop. Besides that, your order will send from EAU to your address directly. Saffron price for several package are described below. Also, we offer free Shipping for some packages. You can compare our saffron prices with traditional shops or other online saffron shops. We do gurantee to offer highest quality with lowest price. because we access to the main land of saffron. As we described, the most important and useful part of Crocus sativus flower that known as saffron is Stigma (red part). Therefore, we focused on this part and offer just one type of saffron. All red first grade Persian saffron (Negin type). To pass order steps easily please read following instruction.

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Order steps in Saffronir online saffron shop

First, choose the package based on amount of saffron that you need. you want to use it for food, drink, dessert or just want to test it? Here is seven options: 5, 10, 15, 50,100, 500 and 1000 grams. If you are not sure about the saffron amount, please contact us.
After click on “Add to Cart” button, you could see your order in cart. In this step, you are able to select preferred quantity. Your saffron package will deliver by DHL, TNT, 5 to 7 days. Next, click on the “Proceed to checkout” and fill the Billing details. In this section, you are able to finalize the shipping method and Proceed to PayPal.

Then, after completion of payment through the PayPal website, you will receive an email with attached Order Receipt.
Finally, you will have your saffron in hand at predicted time.
In case of any problem in any step of shop, payment, or delivery please contact us. Our support team will help you immediately.
Yes! Here is just five minutes and few clicks between you and exciting smell of original Persian saffron. Now, start to make saffron food, dessert and drink. Enjoy highest quality, lowest price and originality.
have a good shop in Saffronir online saffron shop!

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