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February 20, 2021
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February 20, 2021
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Saffron known as kesar or केसर in second most populated country of world, India. In food industry, India well-known as the country of spices, specially hot ones.

Among of a wide range of colorful Indian spices, rate of kesar production increased during last decades, dramatically.

The giant country of south Asia is the seventh widest country on the globe. Have a close history and geography with Persia is the most import reason of kesar cultivation in India. Historically, India was part of Persia Empire in different history periods. For example, around 80 percent of today India was part of Persia Empire in Afsharid Era.

During last decades kesar entered to food and spice culture of India and became one of popular Indian spices. Also kesar became more famous and made a good share in saffron market. Here, we will talk about kesar benefits, kesar plant, kesar price and different uses of kesar like kesar milk, kesar peda, etc.

Kashmiri Kesar

Since the mid-20th century Kashmir region have been the subject of dispute between India, china and especially Pakistan. Because of Persia empire effects, as we explained above, Kashmir grow in kesar cultivation and production. Today, part of Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and other part known as “Jammu and Kashmir” belongs to India.

Many Pakistani and Indian farmers start to cultivate kesar in Kashmir region during last century.

Also, many merchants and business developers focused on Kashmiri kesar and introduced it to world of spices during last decades.

Kesar Benefits

Kesar is using in foods, desserts, drinks and also medicine. In fact, proved benefits of Kesar made it useful in these fields. Exclusive chemicals in kesar like crocin, safranal, and picrocrocin made it unique among of all other Indian spices. Although, there is a lot of other unique chemicals in kesar, most important ones those are responsible for coloring and aroma are these thre chemicals.

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Kesar Plant

Kesar strings are thin filaments derived from kesar flower. The name of this flower is “Crocus Sativus” that also known as “Autumn Crocus”. This flower grows in moderate weather and needs sunshine and cold and dark winters.

Planting season of kesar bulbs is summer and harvesting season starts in November and last for 20-25 days.

During harvest season, new kesar flowers comes out every day and kesar farmers pick them before sunshine make them withered.

Kesar Milk and Kesar Peda

Indian people use kesar to fragrant many foods and meals. But mostly they use it in milk. kesar red threads give a lovely red trace to white color of milk. Also the kesar aroma cover unpleasant smell of milk and turn it to a delicious drink.

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Also, Peda is a popular and sweet cookies that are fragrant by kesar. This dish originated in India and usually prepared in thick and soft pieces. Main ingredients of Peda are khoa, sugar, cardamom, pistachio and saffron.

Price of Kesar per kilogram or per gram

As you probably know, kesar is most expensive and valuable spice over the world. This fantastic spice known as red gold because of its high price and the golden color that kesar gives to foods, meals, desserts and drinks.

Same as gold, kesar is offered in gram or ounce. But for wholesalers kesar price per kilogram is mopre logical.

Anyway, for end users kesar price is defined based on gram in offline and online kesar shops. By searching “kesar price” or “saffron price” on google you will find online shops to compare offers.

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