Iranian Saffron

Torta allo zafferano all'arancia senza farina
Torta allo zafferano all’arancia senza farina
February 20, 2021
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Where does saffron come from?
February 20, 2021
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Iranian Saffron

Saffron spice known as the most expensive, valuable and unique spice of world. Mostly, saffron is introduced by “Iranian” or “Persian” words. Persia is the former name of Iran country. On the beginning of 1935 year, Iran government announced to foreign countries to use “Iran” word instead of “Persia”. Anyway, after 24 years, to avoid confusions, Iran government announced that both terms are correct and can be used interchangeably. However, Persia is more popular than Iran. That’s the reason that you heard “Persian People”, “Persian Cat”, “Persian Saffron”, “Persian Gulf”, “Persian Culture”, “Persian food”, “Ancient Persia”. On the other hand, Iran is popular in some other phrases like “Iranian Rial”, “Iran Country”, “Iran war”, “Iranian president”, “Iranian scientists”, “Iran news”, etc. As we mentioned above, before 1935, Persia was the name of country.

During the Ancient Persia time, whole or part of some countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Egypt were under flag of Persia Empire.

This is the reason that these countries are very close and similar from culture and race point of views. Today, most of these countries have their own shares on saffron business. Some of them, like Afghanistan and Pakistan focused on cultivation and production and some of them like turkey focused on trading and commercial aspects of saffron business. In the same time, India because of great human resources, work on all aspects of saffron. Anyway, International professionals in this field believe that none of them could not reach the quality of Iranian saffron. Iran history in saffron production, excellent soil and weather made Iranian saffron best saffron over the world.

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Iranian saffron

In this page, we explain everything about Iranian saffron. Including Iranian saffron price, How to buy Iranian saffron, where to buy Iranian saffron, etc.

Iranian saffron price

Like other products, many items affect the saffron price. Most important items are the saffron quality and saffron type. However, there is simple tests that you could use them to see the quality of saffron. But, these tests aren’t quantitative.

To have an exact idea about the saffron quality note the level of chemicals like Crocin, Safranal, Picrocrocin.

These three chemicals are most important ones and are responsible for unique taste and aroma of saffron. In this regard, Iranian saffron offer the highest level of these chemicals. This is the reason that Iranian saffron is well-known as the best saffron and most valuable saffron over the world. Anyway, the saffron price depends on saffron type, too. The most valuable type of saffron known as “Super Negin”. Second place belongs to “Negin” type and next ones are Sargol, Pushal, Bunch, respectively. So, we could say that the most expensive saffron is “Super Negin type of Iranian Saffron”. Type of saffron defined by Physical and chemical characteristics. For example, Super Negin type have highest level of mentioned chemicals and have long and thick all red threads. On the other hand, the level of these chemical is much lower in Bunch type and this type have white and red parts together. Thus, whenever you decide to order saffron note the quality and type of saffron.

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Iranian saffron

Another item that affect the Iranian saffron price is the order quantity. In fact, Iranian saffron price per gram decrease by increase of order amount, dramatically. The effect of this item is more sensible in online shopping. You know what? Because packaging and shipping costs are equal for 1gram and 100 grams saffron orders. Let assume that packaging and shipping cost 10 USD, and price of one gram saffron is 2 USD. The whole price for a 1 gram pack would be 12 USD (12 USD Per gram) and for a 100 gram pack would be 210 USD (2.1 USD per gram).

So, the saffron price per gram for 1 gram pack would be 5 times (or more) higher than 100 gram pack.

Consequently, if you order 1 k of the same quality and type the price per gram would be lower. Although it’s not suggested for saffron End-Users, it would be work for saffron resellers, food factories, chocolate producers, wine brands or restaurants.

Buy Iranian Saffron

Now, you know many things about the Iranian saffron price and have enough information to buy Iranian saffron. If you live in somewhere except middle east, it’s hard to find original Iranian saffron from stores or shopping centers in your town. Even finding other type of saffron in offline markets is really time consuming. However, thanks to internet and search engines, it’s very easy to find any type of saffron. Anyway, like other products, saffron online shopping have some advantage and disadvantages.

Through online saffron shops, you could buy Iranian saffron by few clicks.

Just Google “buy Iranian saffron”, “buy Persian saffron”, “Iranian saffron price”, “pure Iranian saffron”, “Iranian Saffron price per gram”, “Where to buy Iranian Saffron”, “Best Iranian Saffron”, “Iranian Saffron for Sale”. By this, you will find saffron online shops, easily. Now, you should find that which saffron shop could offer you Iranian saffron. First of all, look for “Iranian saffron” or “Persian saffron” words in online shop. Then, check the address and contact details on website. If the company located in Iran, this prove that they offer Iranian saffron. Because it’s not logical to send Indian or Spanish saffron from a company located in Iran. To be sure about company location check their phone numbers in contact page. Phone numbers in Iran starts with +98 code.

We Gurantee Saffron Quality

Also, when you shop saffron from online shops, it’s very easy to compare the offers in different online saffron shops. To compare prices, note the weight and price per gram of each package and consider the delivery cost, too. Having these items in mind, you would be able to order the most appropriate saffron package in best price. To check the website credit and reputation, visit “” and check the website rank. Generally, saffron online shops those ranks lower than 1,000,000 are reliable and trusty.

Pure Iranian saffron

As we said before, there is two way to check purity of Iranian saffron. To check pure Iranian saffron from color point of view, put some saffron threads in cold water and wait for ten minutes. After ten minutes the water color should turn to gold not red. Also, the color of pure Iranian saffron release and propagate uniformly in water. But color propagation in water is Non-uniform for fake saffrons. Moreover, after drawing the saffron threads from water, the color should remain red. So, if the threads color change dramatically, it’s not pure Iranian saffron. The other important point, is the taste and smell of pure Iranian saffron.

In fact, pure Iranian saffron taste kind of bitter. Put a thread of pure Iranian saffron on you tongue and wait 10-20 seconds. You will find its taste. In contrast, the smell of pure Iranian saffron is kind of sweet.

Of course, it’s not regular sweet or bitter. It’s a unique taste and smell that you must experience it.

Iranian Saffron price per gram

In “Iranian saffron price” section, we talked about important items that affect the Iranian saffron price and described that you should note “saffron price per gram”. Here we will talk about Iranian saffron price per gram to give you a more precise point of view. In our online shop, Iranian Saffron price per gram range from 5.18 (5 grams pack) to 2.03 (1000 grams pack) Euro. Although, the price per gram for 1000 grams pack is much lower, it’s not appropriate for saffron End-users. In fact, we suggest saffron packs more than 100 grams to resellers and restaurants. On the other hand, 15 grams, 10 grams, and 5 grams packages seems appropriate for saffron users who want to use it in their home.

However, majority of our customers prefer to order 50 grams and especially 100 grams packages to buy Iranian saffron in lower price per gram.

Based on our data about our annual saffron sale, more than forty percent of our customers prefer to order 15 g package and around twenty percent of them buy 100 gram pack.

buy saffron
buy saffron

Where to buy Iranian Saffron

Except in Middle East countries, it’s very hard to find original Iranian saffron in your neighborhood. Overly, Finding saffron in countries those don’t cultivate saffron is very time consuming. Anyway, probably it’s easy to find Indian saffron in India, or Spanish saffron in Europe. However, fastest and easiest way to find Iranian saffron is to Google “Where to buy Iranian Saffron”. In this way, you will find many online shops who offer Iranian saffron or Indian and Spanish ones.

Generally, saffron seller websites mention the origin of their saffron by phrases like “Iranian saffron”, “Persian saffron”, “Indian saffron”, “Spanish Saffron”, etc.

Anyway, it’s probable that some online saffron shop owners don’t mention the origin of their saffron. In this cases, their saffron isn’t Iranian saffron, most probably. So, when you are looking for Iranian saffron just check websites those mention the Iranian or Persian words clearly. Among this websites, its more probable to find original Iranian saffron in online shops those are located in Iran or Middle East.

Best Iranian Saffron

Now you find Iranian saffron, but it’s important to find best one. Best Iranian Saffron, cultivate in east part of Iran that known as Khorasan provinces.

South Khorasan and Razavi Khorasan Provinces farmers produce highest quality of Iranian saffron.

This is because of special soil, unique climate and long history of these two provinces in saffron cultivation and production. In fact, saffron production is part of the culture of these regions and saffron producers become more experienced every year. So, if you find a company that clearly mention “Iranian saffron” or “Persian Saffron” and is located in Iran, check their offices address. Having an office in “Mashhad” (capital of Khorasan Razavi Province and second biggest city of Iran) shows that they offer the saffron of this region.

Another important point to get best Iranian saffron is the production date of saffron. Fresh saffron support highest level of Crocin and Safranal. Anyway, the quality of saffron don’t decrease in first 2 years, if you store it in dark and dry place.

If you looking for fresh saffron best time to order is winter. Because harvest season of saffron in Iran starts in October-November and finish in December.

Thus, if you buy Iranian saffron in summer or spring, you are buying the harvest of previous year. Anyway, it’s probable that some saffron shops offer the saffron of previous year in winter, too.

Iranian Saffron for Sale

If you like to enter saffron business and sell Iranian saffron note all of above items and look for Iranian saffron companies. Generally, offers in online shops is adjusted for saffron end-users and isn’t appropriate for saffron resellers.

For get better offers send email to Iranian saffron online shops. There is always a lower price for resellers.

Because in wholesale offers packaging and shipping costs decrease dramatically. For instance, if you order saffron in kg scale, the price of highest quality of Iranian saffron would be around 1 EURO per gram. Its around 10-12 times lower than saffron order in gram scale.

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