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March 15, 2021
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Exporting saffron and delivery way of saffron from Iran to you, buying and selling this precious spice in world markets is one of the lucrative businesses, especially for Iran. Iran is the first and top exporter of saffron in the world. As you know, most of the cultivated lands for saffron belong to Khorasan province. Many families in Khorasan Province are engage in planting saffron and earn money this way. Safronir Company is one of the most reputable international companies that exports saffron to all countries of the world.

Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you by saffronir company

Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you and Saffron Export Company is a reliable and centralize collection that provides facilities for saffron harvest from the ground to be properly package and prepare for export.

We are all familiar with the value and importance of saffron as a spice. Saffron is use not only in Iran but also in other countries to prepare delicious foods and snacks. The aroma of saffron along with the very beautiful color that it gives to food has made world famous chefs use this spice in their food.

The amount of saffron exports in the world is significant and its dollar revenue volume is growing positively every month. If you look at the statistics recorded in export and import sources, you will notice these changes.

The sale and export of saffron to foreign countries is a positive source of income for the country. Saffron is a non-oil export commodity, so it requires special investment. The best saffron from Khorasan province is prepare in standard packages with different weights for sale to foreign customers. The packaging of saffron and its quality play an essential role in attracting customers. Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you is our goal.

Saffron Export Company, considering the needs of foreign customers to buy this precious spice, implements the correct pricing strategy and international marketing methods, and then performs the export steps. In the next section, you will get acquaint with the export steps of different types of saffron.

Saffron export laws and Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you

Saffron is know as one of the main export products of Iran and saffron export laws have not changed much in recent years. Most of this product is export in bulk and most of it is package in third countries. A certain amount of export is done by passengers in the form of luggage for which the rules of saffron luggage export have been implement. The allowed amount of saffron luggage export for each passenger and each Iranian passport is 100 grams.

 Of course, it is worth mentioning that saffron passengers are prohibit from traveling to Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq. It is noteworthy that according to saffron export laws, there is no restriction on the export of saffron by foreigners with passports of other countries. The Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade, as the determinant of saffron export laws in the country, sometimes creates export incentives or restrictions on saffron exports to control the export market.

Important points in the export of Iranian saffron

⦁ According to statistics recorded in the sources, the most important and main buyers of Iranian saffron in foreign countries along the Persian Gulf are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman. European countries such as Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom are also applying to buy Iranian saffron. A significant amount of Iranian saffron is export to the United States, India and Argentina. If you want to have a precise investment in this plan, you need to know foreign markets better.

For the export of different types of saffron, obtain sufficient information about the export laws and regulations in the country of origin and destination.

⦁ In addition to the business card, you must obtain the necessary export licenses. Before investing in saffron, do a thorough research on licensing and standard certifications.

You need strong international marketing methods to enter global markets for saffron sales. If you work as a company, provide an expert marketing and sales team so that you can prepare for international negotiations.

Many foreign customers request a sample of the product from the seller before ordering the bulk purchase of saffron. Try to provide the best and highest quality saffron as an example to a foreign customer. The important thing is that the sample of saffron provide should be the same as the final product you export; Otherwise you have lost your foreign customer.

It is very important to pay attention to the legal steps of saffron export, concluding customs contracts, international transportation insurance services. If you do not have experience in this field, be sure to consult a business expert.

The largest buyers of Iranian saffron

The largest buyers of saffron in Iran are the United Arab Emirates and Spain.

Cultivation of saffron in Iran

The highest quality saffron produce in Iran is produce in the provinces of South Khorasan and Razavi near the Afghan border, which have the largest share in the cultivation of this valuable plant. Due to the saffron cultivation conditions and the high stability of the corm of this plant in harsh conditions, this plant can be cultivated in most parts of the country and Iran has suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of this crop. Currently, saffron cultivation is common in many provinces of the country, such as Isfahan, Fars, Kerman and Markazi provinces.

World Saffron Trade

Global saffron trade is estimate at more than $ 8 billion a year, but saffron exports and Iran’s share in global saffron trade are very small. Because most of Iran’s saffron is export in bulk and buyer countries pack Iranian saffron and market it. Iran is ranked first in the world in terms of production and seventeenth in terms of exports of this product, which shows the great weakness in the field of export of this product under the name of Iran in the world.

Safronir’s specialized team has prepared favorable conditions for its foreign customers. Now, wherever you are in this world, you can buy original and high quality saffron in very stylish packages.

Super Negin Saffron

In this type of saffron, three stigma strands are connect, which makes the stigma strands wrap together and look more beautiful and have more volume. For this reason, this sample of saffron is consider more than other types of saffron in the market, and as a result, it has a higher price.

Ecology of cultivation area, maintenance (irrigation and fertilizer) and proper harvesting, drying method in preparing and obtaining superengine saffron (ghalamdar saffron) are the basic and determining factors. Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you is really comfortable.

Saffron negin

In this example of saffron, just like supernatural saffron, the stigma strands are connected. The only difference is in the length of the saffron strands. In Negin saffron, the strings are shorter and more delicate compare to the Super Negin sample. As a result, it is in a lower category in terms of quality and price than superangin saffron.

Saffron Sargol

In this example of saffron, anther are completely removed and pure saffron is obtained. This example of saffron is also called by other names such as Sargol, Sarqalam, Sarrisheh and Mumtaz. In Sargol saffron, no fractures are seen in the strings. It is the equivalent of Sargol saffron in the international designation of Coupe.

Cluster saffron

This example of saffron includes a stigma with 4-5 mm of roots, in which the strands are classified into single-sided and double-sided.

There is another type of saffron handle that the roots are place under the stigmas. when drying slowly and then the handles of saffron are fixe on cardboard and then pack in suitable containers. In this case, the categories have a better effect, this type of category is call “stigma group”. In the rating of the National Organization for Standardization and according to the standard of 1-259 category saffron, it is call 4th grade string saffron.

Saffronir is very specialize in exporting saffron

Familiarity with the steps of saffron export will help you to perform each step accurately and in full detail. From buying high quality saffron to preparing the necessary documents for export, marketing, international negotiations on wholesale purchase prices, export insurance services and steps in customs, all must be done with sufficient knowledge and knowledge. Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you is most important goals in our company.

People who have no experience in the field of saffron exports should increase their information and knowledge before entering this field. Consulting with a saffron export company and even investing in this field will be very positive in this direction. Success in exporting saffron types is achieved when you know the target market well and can find the best customer.

As a final word, it is necessary to note that if the activity for exporting saffron types is done in the form of a professional and specialized team, better results will be achieved. Saffron is a valuable spice and many countries want it. Consider a basic export strategy and make sure you find your customers. Delivery way of saffron from Iran to you now is very easy.

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