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March 17, 2021
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In 2018, about 105 tons of Iranian saffron has been produced and exported. This rate has increased by 40% compared to previous years. At present, Iran is the first and largest producer of saffron in the world. Iran’s share in the world market is 44% among all saffron producers in the world. 105 tons of saffron indicate only the amount of Iranian saffron exports and domestic consumption of saffron is not stated in this statistic. So the saffron produced in the country is much higher than this amount. let’s talk about countries with the saffron product.

It should be noted that Iran, as the first saffron-producing country, has not yet used all its agricultural capacity to grow saffron. Unfortunately, saffron production in Iran has not been organized yet. Therefore, by planning and cooperating with farmers, it is possible to earn a much higher income from the production of this product in the world market.

Ranking of countries with saffron product

Iran and Spain are among the countries in which the culture of saffron production and consumption has existed in the past and are among the first and oldest saffron exporting countries in the world. In the following, we will examine the countries producing saffron, including these two countries. let’s know about countries with saffron products.

First rank: for Iranian saffron

According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Iran has a share of 95-92% of the world’s total saffron production. Of course, most of its production is not registered globally. Like domestic consumption, that is not in the global statistics. Forecasts for 2020 are about 500 tons of saffron exports in Iran.

From 2018 onwards, about 24 provinces are producing saffron and about 124,000 hectares of the country’s lands have been allocated for this purpose. The cities of Birjand, Ghaen, Ferdows in South Khorasan province, Gonabad and Torbat Heydariyeh in Khorasan Razavi and North Khorasan, Isfahan, Kerman, Fars, and Yazd provinces have a good situation for saffron production and produce quality products.

In recent years, the southern and western cities of the country have also started to cultivate saffron and have been able to produce quality saffron using modern agricultural methods and greenhouse cultivation, and using modified onions.

Export of Iranian saffron and countries with saffron product

Spain buys 50% of Iranian saffron

As the largest producer and exporter of saffron, Iran produces $ 587 million annually, about 50% of which is sold to Spain. Spanish saffron, like Iranian saffron, has a high quality, but the volume of Spanish saffron production is not significant compared to its imports.

Hong Kong 16%

After Spain, Hong Kong is in second place with $ 96 million.

United Arab Emirates 15%

The UAE is the third-largest importer of Iranian saffron with $ 89 million.

Other countries 19%

In 1996, Iran exported about 400 tons of saffron to 60 countries. Leading countries after Spain and Hong Kong and UAE are Afghanistan, China, Italy, Qatar, Germany, France, Kuwait, Georgia, Taiwan, Netherlands, Bahrain, Oman, Australia, Japan, UK, Morocco, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada. Singapore, India, Hungary, Turkey, Malaysia, Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, Poland, Philippines, Greece, and Austria.

Second rank is one of the countries with saffron product: Spanish saffron

In the world ranking after Iran, Spain is the largest producer of saffron in the world. Universities in Spain have conducted extensive research on saffron and are considering suitable conditions for growing saffron and informing farmers. The climate of the regions where saffron is grown in Spain is similar to the thriving areas of saffron cultivation in Iran. The annual production of Spanish saffron is 25 tons per year. However, it is one of the main exporters of saffron in the world.

Spain accounts for 20.7% of world exports with $ 57.08 million. The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Italy are the three countries that are among the first export destinations of Spanish saffron.

Third rank: Afghan saffron

According to the latest reports, in 2018, 18 tons of saffron were harvest from 6,200 hectares of cultivated areas in Afghanistan. Saffron exports worth $ 58 million are a growing market for the country. The saffron exporting country exports significant volumes of its saffron to India, Saudi Arabia, France, the UAE, the United States, and Turkey.

Afghanistan imports about 65.7% of its saffron from Iran. Iranian saffron always plays the leading role in all countries. The quality of Afghan saffron is close to Iranian saffron due to its climatic similarities and has many fans.

Fourth place: Indian saffron

In the Indian state of Kashmir, more than 120,000 families work and earn money on saffron. In India, about 200 villages in five regions of Kashmir state are engaged in saffron production. Saffron imported to India is worth $ 31.06 million and accounts for 11% of global saffron imports. The bulk of India’s saffron exports go to Hong Kong.

Fifth rank: Greek saffron

The lands of northern Greece are under saffron cultivation. This saffron producer has a total area between 1000 and 1200 hectares under cultivation. The saffron obtained from the cultivated area of this country is about 8 tons per year. Greece has exports worth $ 9.47 million.

Although Spain is the main exporter of saffron in Europe, Greece has also been able to establish itself as one of the main exporters of saffron in the continent. Greece sends its saffron to France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Sixth rank: Italian saffron

Italy is one of the countries with saffron products. in the next rank of saffron, production in Italy. Italy produces about 600 kg of saffron annually. This saffron-producing country spends most of its production on domestic consumption. Italy invests in Morocco and is one of the largest importers of saffron.

Seventh rank is one of the countries with saffron product: Moroccan saffron

In recent years, after Afghanistan, the Moroccan government has been among the top supporters of saffron production in the country. So that Morocco can be considered one of the top producers of saffron. The country has cultivated most of its mountainous areas with saffron. The area under cultivation in Morocco is about 600 hectares and 500 families are engaged in this work. Moroccan saffron is also of high quality.

8th place: Chinese saffron

China has entered the global market in recent years as a saffron producer. Saffron is import to China from countries such as Hong Kong, Germany, Afghanistan, and Portugal, and after packaging and branding, it is export to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Italy, Britain, and Hong Kong. This country has already reached the top of the list of saffron producing and exporting countries by investing in the greenhouse cultivation of saffron. China is one of the countries with saffron products.

The importance of saffron in the world market

As mentioned, many countries are trying to gain a share of the global saffron market and establish themselves as saffron exporters. Hence, competition in this lucrative business is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, it is necessary for Iran to take measures to maintain its position. One of the important things in this regard is maintaining the quality of saffron in the transfer process. Saffron packaging is a key factor in this regard. A factor that in addition to maintaining the quality of saffron, creates high added value for the country. It will also help make Iran’s name more recognizable in the global market and among saffron consumers. now you know about countries with the saffron product.

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