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Online shopping is always along with positive and negative thoughts. “Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead“. Anyway, world direction is to reduce negative aspects of online shopping. Off course with technology help and improvement of transportation solutions. Every day, online shops go ahead to remove negative thoughts from the costumer’s minds. But how? Lets look as most important issues in the saffron shopping. What issues are most important ones for saffron costumer when he/she decide to buy saffron online?

In this article we are trying to make clear all of them.

Saffron price

When you are looking for best price in online saffron shops, search to find saffron price per gram. Its very important. For example, price per gram of a 5g package is much more than price per gram of a 1kg package (in our online shope its 5.18 and 2.03 Euro per gram, respectively). So, don’t compare the overall price, note the price per gram.

Next, pay attention to shipping cost. In some online shops you find the saffron price reasonable and decide to checkout. But, in checkout you understand that shipping cost is very high. So, when you are comparing the prices, take it to account, too. Of course, there would be different delivery options like general delivery, express, etc. So, note this options as well.

Finally, note the currency. Some online sellers represent prices in Pound to show you lower numbers. By this, they work on your brain to convince you that they sell saffron cheaper. So, keep it in mind that 1 Pound is equal to 1.3 USD or 1.1 Euro.


Based on our experience, west countries specially in Europe Union don’t have detailed information about the saffron types. Also, most saffron users ask us about the quality test of saffron and looking for a solution to define the purity of saffron at home.

When you are going to shop saffron online or offline, its very important to know that which type of saffron is offered to you. In fact, most of online saffron shops offer SUPER NEGIN, NEGIN or SARGOL types. These three types of saffron known as all red saffron and the whole thread of saffron is completely red. Difference between these three types is a little hard and is defined by physical characteristics of threads. SUPER NEGIN threads should be thicker than NEGIN and NEGIN thread should be thicker than SARGOL ones.


Anyway, level of some important chemicals have considered in defination of saffron quality, too. For example, its expected that SUPER NEGIN type support crocin level around 250. And for NEGIN and SARGOL types its something around 220-250. Of course some other chemicals like Safranal or Picrocrocin have important role in quality of saffron. But crocin is the most important item. On the other hand, there is some simple tests to define the quality of saffron those you are able to do them by yourself. Most of these tests are visual and very easy.

Also, there is other types of saffron like Pushal and Bunch (Daste). but, these types mostly are traded in traditional market of saffron original lands like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, etc. Not in online shops or Europe markets.

So, when you are comparing offered saffron with different online shops, note the quality and type. This two factor have important effect on saffron price, too.

We in Saffronir Co. offer the highest quality of SUPER NEGIN type in our online shop( We try to provide easy connections to first grade Persian saffron. It is widely accepted that the Persian saffron is the best Saffron in the world. Actually, Persian saffron farms produce more than 90 percent of world saffron market capacity. Saffronir online shop try to provides best quality Persian saffron for its customers. you can probably easily purchase saffron from your city shops or other websites but in Saffronir we 100 percent guarantee that our products are the best and fresh saffron.

saffron package

Wide range of saffron packages

Saffronir Co. also can sends saffron to customers with different needs. buy saffron in 5 to 1000 grams packages. 5 to 50 grams packages are good for daily use in home. 100 gram package is useful for restaurants. 500 and 1000 gram is useful for resellers or food industries such a chocolate manufacturers. when you buy saffron we send your order to your address buy Express Courier companies like DHL and TNT or FedEX. Depending on your location we choose the shipping agency and delivery process will takes 2-5 working days.

Moreover here is a free shipping option for below Packages:

  • 50 gram packages
  • 100 gram packages
  • 500 gram packages
  • 1000 gram packages

See the product list, prices and options here.

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