Saffronir Means:

Fresh Saffron Direct From Iran Farms

Saffronir Company founded in 2017 in Iran to introduce the most expensive plant in Earth to all off people who live in this Planet. To help people to know about saffron specifications, benefits, and origin

We think a lot and do several brain storming meetings to find the best solution to introduce and prepare the best possible product. For start we chose “Saffronir” as our brand to express that we collect Saffron from Iran and send it directly from Iranian saffron farms. To achieve this goal, we describe our purpose for saffron farm owners in Razavi Khorasan and South Khorasan. Most of them immediately became excited and start their cooperation with us. In this friendly relation with farmers, they advise and help us to have more and more information about the procedure of farming, cultivating and quality control of this lovely plant and as a result, we made connection to source of high quality saffron. Now, we are able to provide fresh, original and high quality harvest directly from saffron farms.

To achieve fast, reliable and worldwide delivery, we have cooperation with international express-couriers like TNT, DHL, aramex, and etc. Based on the destination and costumer choice we select appropriate option to do delivery process by optimum way. The cost of delivery depends on distance of destination from Iran, delivery duration (Silver (less than 30 days), Gold (less than 15 days), and Diamond (less than 5 days)) and the amount of ordered saffron. Enjoy free of charge delivery in more than 50 percent of cases.

The gathering time of Saffron harvest start around November 1st and finish in middle of December. Every year during this period, our team reside in Saffron cities of Khorasan Province and look for high quality saffron. Qaen, Birjand, Ferdows, Gonabad, and Torbat are five most important cities in production of saffron. After collecting best saffron threads we transfer them to Mashhad and Tehran to do final quality control and packaging. Then, the highest quality saffron in world is ready to deliver to Saffronir costumer location, who order it on