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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Compound Nuts
In this product, 600 grams of high-quality nuts are used, including premium pistachios, saffron cashews, and almonds...
Dried Fruits Pack-250 g Dried Fruits Pack-250 g
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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Dried Fruits
This product contains 250 grams of dry fruits such as apples, bananas, kiwis, plums, figs, etc...
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Dried lime
This Dried lime is presented in 60-gram packages. Dried lime is obtained by drying the feathers of high-quality lemons. Dried lime Pieces can be easily used in food and you no longer have to worry about the bitterness and separation of the lemon peel.Properties of lemon fillingLime is another member..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Garlic Powder
This garlic powder is presented in a 120-gram package. Garlic powder is made from fresh and dried garlic and has many benefits over fresh garlic because when you dry garlic, you symbolically increase its useful life, so it can be used for months without Preventing loss of nutrients. Garlic powder is..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Ginger Powder
This ginger powder is presented in a 120-gram package. Ginger is the rhizome of the ginger plant, but it is often considered the root of this plant, which can easily be converted into its powder. Ginger is one of the useful spices that has a sweet and spicy taste and is an excellent spice to combine..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Herbal Infusions bag
At the first sip, you will encounter the exciting aroma and taste of sour tea and strawberry together, and in the course of time, the sour tea will give way to the different tastes of red fruits. We suggest, drinking this tea for a long time and focusing on its different flavors in each sip.This pac..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: luxury gift box
In this project, handicrafts have been used and some of the most famous Iranian souvenirs and strategic products have been included, and we have had a glimpse of the historical places and places of this region. For this reason, it can be said that this product is an extract of the culture, art, and ..
Nuts and Dried Fruits Compound Pack-550 g Nuts and Dried Fruits Compound Pack-550 g
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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Nuts and Dried Fruits
This product contains 550 grams of nuts and dried fruits, including pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, apples, bananas, kiwis, figs, etc.Nuts and Dried fruits, along with many other important nutrients that are included in this category of products, are very useful and necessary for the health..
Plum-400 g Plum-400 g
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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Dried Fruit
Along with its color and taste, Bukhara plums have high nutritional value such as vitamins and nutrients that can be consumed in soup or with other dried fruits as healthy snacks...
Prune - 400 g Prune - 400 g
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Brand: Mostafavi Model: Dried Fruits
This Prune is presented in a 400-gram package. Prune is red and sour and can prepare all kinds of food and stews. The Prune is more sour than the Bukhara plum and its core is harder to separate...
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Herbal Infusions bag
The different taste of fruit, along with the familiar aroma of apple with a little cinnamon, is a mild and pleasant combination for all your moments. Meanwhile, the pleasant taste of saffron complements a sweet and friendly conversation.Ingredients: Be / Apple / Cinnamon / Rosemary / Saffron..
Brand: Mostafavi Model: Red Pepper Powder
This red pepper powder is presented in a 120-gram package. Red pepper powder is obtained by drying and grinding hot red pepper. Red pepper powder is one of the most popular spices that is used in cooking all kinds of food and sauces...
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