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February 2, 2020
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May 27, 2020
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buy saffron

How Much Saffron To Use?


When you want to use something for first time, its better to look at other consumers behavior. Where they buy it? How they use it? How much they buy? and so on. Like other pricey products, you could be very precise in saffron purchase. If you dont have any idea about saffron price, usage and weight units, its probable you think to buy 1 kg or more. But, its crazy. Through a google search, you will find that its better to order less than 100 grams. at least for first time.

In this post, we gather the data of our costumer orders to show you how other people order saffron. As you could see in bellow pie chart, 7 saffron packs from 5 to 1000 grams are in Saffronir product list. Although this report belongs to Saffronir database, it could be interpreted as the behavior of online costumers of saffron. Moreover, its correlated to behavior of those people who buy saffron from offline stores.

Based on this report around half of saffronir costumers prefer to order 15 gram saffron package. The exact number is 47.7 percent. They are so clever. We believe 15 gram is the optimum amount of saffron for first three orders. Then, you could go up and order bigger saffron packages. This is the reason that second place belongs to 100 grams saffron packs. Around 22 percent of Saffronir orders belongs too 100 grams saffron packages. Next ranks belongs to 50, 5, 10, 1000, 50 grams packages with share of 9.3, 8.1, 7, 4.6, 1.2 percent, respectively.

buy saffron

buy saffron

Now, how much you like to order? Check the saffron price here.

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