Saffron History- Where is Crocus Sativus origin?

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November 4, 2019
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November 10, 2019

Saffron History

Saffron with the scientific name of Crocus Sativus is part of Iridaceae family. Some sources like Americana Encyclopedia mentioned that this word has come from Corycus. Which, was a place in eastern side of Mediterranean called Cilicia.

Some people believe that saffron came from old Iranian (Mads), on the other hand some have the idea that it came from Greece, Turkey and Asia Minor.

While Iranian were exporting saffron around the world, they introduced its benefits to Greeks, Romans, Chinses. In addition, in first to fourth centuries AH, Iranian taught Arabs how to produce saffron.

There are historical evidences that show Iranian have had a special concern regarding saffron production since very long time ago. They used saffron in most of their parties such as celebrating for new year and in their weddings.

The Achaemenids used saffron to decorate breeds and fragrant foods. Ferdinand Justi says about Darush the Achaemenid’s king “The Iranian kings take shower with an oil which was mad from sunflower cooked in lime paste with saffron and palm wine”. At Parthians time Persian Saffron were exported to Greece and Rome, and after that Chinese became Persian saffron customer too.

In addition there are other evidence from that duration. Which, saffron was one of the materials that people used it to color money papers, as lnk for writhing important books and kings’ orders. At 10th century, Arabs brought cultivation of saffron which learned it from Iranian to Spain were became the start of saffron cultivation in Europe.

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