Is there any herb or spice that could replace saffron?

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October 19, 2019
saffron taste and aroma
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October 22, 2019

Is there any herbs or spices that could replace saffron?

Crocus Sativus is one of the most expensive plants in earth.

Saffron is the only spice that people use gr or OZ instead of ton and kg to measure its weight.

Saffron spice has been very popular in Persian culture from the ancient time, and they have used it in most of their food and cookies because of its good taste and color.

Because of its price people use other additives which is looks like saffron such as Turmeric and safflower. they just have the same golden yellow color like saffron.

Sometimes people in market use a combination of saffron and safflower as a fake saffron. Safflower are known as American saffron. Safflower just has the similarity in looks and color and doesn’t have any similarity in taste and benefits. It has only 2-4 cm length, and even it can be dangerous for liver if use it too much.

The second choice for saffron replacement is Turmeric which people just use it because of its color. It can be harmful for stomach if consume it more than 3-4 gr per day.

These make saffron special and unique. In addition there will be nothing in earth to replace saffron.

In another essay we will discuss how to find the difference between real Saffron and fake one.

See saffron price here.

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