Although all parts have different usages in dyeing and food and medication, the most important and useful part of plant is Stigma (red part).

First step to cultivate saffron is seeding of Crocus sativus Corm. For this best time is end of July up to end of August. Pick up of grown flowers begin in start of November and takes about one month. Please note that definition of these times completely depends on the weather specification of the region. After collecting flowers Stigma part should be separated from the plant.

The top part of Stigma known as “Sargol” and from top part to the margin of red and white part is “Pooshal”. Also, red and white parts together named “Dasteh” and white part known as Konj. Of course, these part known with these names in IRAN and it is probable that in other regions they have other names. These parts of saffron should be dried in a dark and dry place. Generally, farmers dry the collected harvest using a fan in a dark room. Finally, prepared saffron could be used to fragrant different foods and cookies.